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We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it. We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it.

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Remodeling  /  September 14, 2021

Space Saving Solutions: Choosing the Right Towel Rack for the Bathroom

Choosing the Right Towel Rack for the Bathroom

Towel racks add function and flow to your bathroom. They increase comfort and can be installed according to your situation. Countless styles will fit in with the other design elements throughout the rest of your home. They are versatile; they offer everything from heating to storage to display options. Bring up the benefits and options of towels racks when you are consulting with remodelling services in Etobicoke.  


It’s right there in the name that towel racks are meant to hold towels. That is the primary purpose. But don’t let that stop you from accessing the full potential of towel racks for the bathroom in your home. 

  • Space

Towel racks save space. Instead of using under sink storage for towels, they can be displayed in the open air of the bathroom.

  • Temperature 

Towel racks can also have a heating function. If you love the spa-like feel of heated towels when you exit the bath or shower, heated towel racks are for you. 

  • Health 

Towel racks also keep towels off the floor. Wet towels left to sit on a damp floor in an often humid room can cause the growth of bacteria. Towel racks help stop that regrettable behaviour for people who are otherwise quick to toss towels to the floor. 


Towel racks offer options for installation. This is a plus for renters or those who may like to complete a weekend task independently but lack the tools to do so. Remember, Handyman Connection in Etobicoke has professionals standing by who are expertly skilled and ready to help.

  • Wall-mounted

Wall-mounted towel racks are attached to the bathroom wall. If your bathroom is tiled, you will need special tools to wall-mount your towel rack. 

  • Built-in

A built-in towel rack is like a towel closet that you might see in a gym or a locker room. It looks like a closet that may or may not have a door. It is often equipped with hooks for hanging towels.

  • Adhesive

A popular option for renters or the toolless, adhesive towel racks can be attached through glue or a stick-and-peel option. Many times, these are easily removable. But, be careful, with heat and moisture, adhesive options can lose their stick after time. 

  • Free-standing

Free-standing towel racks can look very different. They often appear with metal hurdle-like racks that you hang towels on or as larger wooden ladders. These are meant to be placed in the bathroom without any construction at all. 


In addition to multiple types of installation, there is also significant variation in the options for what kind of actual towel racks are available. 

  • Hooks

Hooks can be placed in small or significant numbers with clean towels on one side and dirty. Some people like to call this approach the wall of towels. 

  • Rings

Rings offer a similar approach as hooks. They offer little more than a place to hang one towel but can be placed expertly in whatever design suits your needs.

  • Bars

Bars offer more space than either hooks or rings. You can fit an entire towel set on a bar, especially if it is extendable. Bars can be hung either vertically or horizontally and provide a sleek aesthetic that is appealing for modern bathrooms. 

  • Shelving 

Shelving is the most spacious and space-saving option for all types of towel racks. Shelving can hold a significant number of towels. Shelving can also hold bathroom goods. Shelving comes in many different sizes, styles, and finishes. 
Handyman Connection will help with the selection and installation of towel racks in your bathroom. Regardless of whether the project is a simple addition or part of a need for more extensive remodelling services in Etobicoke, contact us today for high-quality professionalism and fantastic customer service.

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