What We Do

Jobs We Specialize In

  • Complete interior and exterior painting
  • Faux finish painting and texture
  • Painting accents, base boards and trim
  • Hanging wallpaper
  • Adding wallpaper boarders
  • Powerwashing Decks and Fences
  • Staining Decks and Fences

A fresh coat of paint can instantly change the way the light hits a room and dramatically enhance the look and mood of your entire home. While painting seems like an easy DIY task, there are a lot of painstaking steps to take to prep a room before starting that most homeowners skip or do incorrectly. A professional painter’s technique also creates a seamless look for the space instead of highlighting the wall or ceiling’s imperfections. The pros at the Handyman Connection offer a variety of quality painting services in Vancouver to update your home.

Let Us Add Beauty to Your Home

There are many different types of painting techniques and styles that can add a new dimension to your space. The Handyman Connection in North Fraser features a team of skilled painters who can provide homeowners with the following painting services:

  • Interior Walls and Ceilings – Our team can give your home’s entire interior a new look with fresh coats of wall and ceiling paint. We can also work with you to pick out complementing colors for each room. Paint finishes are also important too, and we can help you choose the right finish for each space.
  • Faux Finishes – If you want to give your space a dramatic update, our team can use a faux finish technique to add some depth to your room. To achieve a gorgeous faux finish, our professionals rely on their experience and skill in interior painting. Faux finishes such as mottling, crackling, color washing, rag rolling or creating a patina effect add beautiful details to a space.
  • Accent Painting – It’s also important for your room’s accent pieces, such as crown molding or base trim, to have clean, near-perfect paint finishes. Our pros can easily handle this job.
  • Exterior Painting – Exterior painting services are best left to the experienced professionals. Our contractors can help your home increase its curb appeal and complete exterior painting safely on surfaces such as the front door, shutters, window trim and the garage door.
  • Wallpaper Services – Removing old wallpaper is a tedious, time-consuming job. Our pros can take on this task and leave your wall ready for a fresh coat of your favorite shade of paint. Or, if you want to put up a wallpaper design in your room, let us take care of all of the logistics so you get a smooth perfectly finished look.
  • Deck and Fence Finishing – The Handyman Connection can also tackle outdoor jobs, such as finishing a deck or fence with stain and a protective coat. We can do it the right way so your outdoor living spaces sparkle and get that extra protection from Vancouver’s unpredictable weather.

The Attention to Detail From a Professional

At the Handyman Connection, we take our jobs seriously and bring a level of service to our customers that is rare. Our painting jobs start with the homeowner’s needs and end with satisfaction. We take the extra time to ready your home and place protective drop cloths in your interior to prevent stains and damage. Then, our team follows all of the steps to prep walls and other surfaces for a new coat of paint. During the painting process, we use high-quality professional-grade tools to get your walls showroom-ready. Lastly, we clean up and leave your home spotless.

For the best painting services in Vancouver, turn to the experts at the Handyman Connection. Find out how we can transform your home by requesting a free estimate from our team.


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