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Storage  /  October 18, 2021

Tips On Organizing Your Closet For Winter

Tips to transition your closet like an expert

Organizing a closet is one of those tasks that define different types of people. There seems to be the dos and do nots of successful closet organizers. But, the chaos of an unorganized closet doesn’t have to befall anyone anymore. Transitioning your wardrobe for each season will help you keep your wares current and organized. Expert organizers say that homeowners are less likely to skip the chore with just four scheduled closet organization days rather than the looming dread of constantly keeping up with the closet. Learn the tips that experts use to transition closets each season and who to call for additional storage solutions in Vancouver

Schedule Four Seasonal Transitions 

The best way to minimize the stress of keeping your closet is to not worry about it except for four specific days of the year. Unless you are already a successful closet organizer, you are likely not on top of the task anyway. Dedicating just four days once a season will help minimize stress and focus attention on the task at hand. 

Block the Day 

Take a personal day or block out a Saturday to dedicate to your closet transition. Since you have decided the best approach is to address it once a season and then forget it, you will have to complete some moderate-to-heavy organization. Clear your calendar for closet organization. 

Enlist Help

People are notorious for holding on to clothes that no longer fit or that they no longer wear. It is hard to say why but it has been and continues to be studied extensively. Adding a few trusted helpers to your closet organization army will help you toss the clothes that don’t suit you to give away or consign. 

Utilize Any Storage Additions 

Swapping your closet for the seasons isn’t about just shoving all your spring clothes into under-bed storage and pulling out the summer tanks, and calling it a day. Some items in your wardrobe work as crossover pieces, and making space to include all the useful pieces of clothing that you own is part of having a good storage plan. If you find you need additional storage, Handyman Connection provides storage solutions and home renovations in Vancouver. 

Labeled Bins 

Bins are your friends. Try to find clear bins with lids that will show you their contents and keep your clothing safe from dust or anything else. Labelling all of your binned clothing will help you access it easier should fair or inclement weather pop up to warrant something out of storage. 

Drawers or Hangers 

Depending on the item you are storing or transitioning out for the season, you will have to determine if it best belongs on a hanger or in a drawer. Winter seaters, for example, belong in drawers because they will stretch and pull out of shape if hung on a hanger. 

Pay Attention to Winter Transition 

Transitioning to winter involves a few more items than the other transitions. Since winter requires the most and the thickest clothes, it can be challenging to find room to display all your winter wear. 

Outerwear Elsewhere 

Store winter coats, scarves, mittens, and other winter gear in a different place. If you have a coat closet or a mud room, consider making room for items there. Some laundry rooms are an excellent option to store bulky winter coats. 

Cedar Planks

When you organize your closet for winter, add a few cedar planks. Suave organizers no longer employ mothballs to deter smells and pests, and cedar planks offer a fresher scent and still repel pests all season long. 

Handyman Connection can help you find storage solutions for your closet. We ensure high-quality renovations that will meet your storage needs and amazing customer service. Contact Handyman Connection to learn more about storage solutions in Vancouver. 

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