Many people look to fences as a way to maintain safety and privacy around their yards, gardens or pools. Handyman Connection of Saskatoon has fence contractors you can count on for fence repairs and installations. We specialize in providing top-of-the-line fencing repairs using the latest tools and techniques. Whether you want a new fence installation or need a wooden board replaced, our contractors have the skills to do it. We build fences from the highest-quality materials for a final result that will last for many years to come and possibly increase your property value. Turn to us for reliable wood fence repairs and installation services in Saskatoon, SK.

Fence Installation and Repair Services

No matter what type of fencing service you need, it’s important to have a professional fencing contractor to solve the problem. Fixing fencing requires enough assistance, materials and tools to accomplish in a timely manner and we’re here to help. Our services are done to the highest standards while remaining affordable to help you stay within your budget. When you choose our friendly fence repair professionals, you can have peace of mind that your fencing needs are being met.

These are some of the common repairs we offer in Saskatoon, SK:

  • Fixing broken slats and panels
  • Sagging posts
  • Leaning sections of panels
  • Gate or hardware issues
  • Excessive wear due to weather exposure or overuse
  • Damage related to rot

Professional Fencing Contractors

Handyman installing new fenceRepairs and installations are one of our signature services. Our fencing contractors can fix fence posts and replace an entire fence in favor of a more durable material. For example, we provide wooden fence repairs for posts that were damaged from dry rot. If the damage is beyond repair, we can help you install a fence made of vinyl, metal or other durable materials. We have the expertise to do the job efficiently and with high attention to detail for an outstanding final result. It’s our goal to complete the fencing repair job to the highest standards, so that our customers will be completely satisfied.

The Handyman Connection Professionals

When your home in Saskatoon, SK, has fencing that needs to be fixed up, the Handyman Connection professionals are available for effective service. Our team has the specialization to complete wooden fence repairs and install sturdy new fencing for your property. If your fence is still in good condition but needs to be spruced up, we can apply a deep, rich stain that’ll soak into the wood grain. We’re committed to providing excellent customer service and quality craftsmanship to our customers across North America. If you need swift wood fence repairs, choose our industry-leading company for the best, long-lasting solutions.

Request a Free Estimate Today

Every fencing repair job starts with pressure washing the surface to get rid of surface layer dirt and sanding to smooth out uneven surfaces. We are able to remove years of water damage before we apply any treatments. We will apply a quality stain product that will protect your fence and slow the aging process, so you can have a beautiful fence for longer. It’s recommended that fences should be stained every few years and the Handyman Connection fencing contractors are the ones for the job. Contact us at (306) 668-4444 to request a free estimate today.