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Repairs  /  July 5, 2021

Top Commercial Repair Services by Handyman Connection

Top Commercial Repair Services by Handyman Connection

The repair services in Saskatoon that Handyman Connection offers are not only for residential properties. We offer commercial repair services as well. Whether you own or lease your commercial building, you bear at least some of the responsibility for its upkeep. Rather than attempting to attend to these matters yourself, which you may have neither the time nor experience to do effectively, let our knowledgeable and vetted professionals assess your property and make the necessary repairs. Here are the top services that we offer to commercial clients.

Installation Projects

One of the biggest concerns with operating a commercial business property is ensuring that it is compliant with applicable building codes. These regulations are in place to make sure that the building is safe and accessible for all occupants. This may mean the installation of new safety equipment, such as handrails, or making updates to existing features.

Assuming that a commercial building is up to code is a trap that many business owners fall into. If the building is new, and was built by a responsible contractor, chances are pretty good that it is code-compliant. However, building codes undergo occasional revision, meaning that features that were in compliance when the building was first constructed are now no longer up to code. It sometimes also happens, though more rarely, that the building was never in compliance in the first place and somehow nobody noticed until now. In either case, it is now necessary to install updates to bring the building into compliance with the applicable codes.

Repair Projects

Time takes its toll on everything, including your commercial building. Over time, equipment and features break down or wear out. In many cases, it is possible to restore these to their original condition rather than just replacing them completely. Handyman Connection can help you with these repair jobs as well.

Sometimes broken equipment represents a safety hazard, while other times it just reflects badly on your business. Take a fluorescent light bulb that is blown or otherwise malfunctioning. If it is inside your business, it could create a safety issue by making it more difficult for employees and visitors to see where they are going while walking around the premises. On the other hand, if the non-working bulb is part of the signage on your building, it doesn’t affect safety but it makes your sign more difficult to read. It can also make a bad impression on potential customers, making it appear that you do not care enough to fix your sign. Depending on the part that is missing, it could send an unintended message about your company. Whether the issue is one of safety or image, Handyman Connection can help by replacing the bulb for you.

Maintenance Projects

Many people confuse repairs and maintenance. The former is restorative while the latter is preventative. A repair is to fix something that has broken down, while maintenance is tuning something up and keeping it in good working condition. Maintaining your equipment helps to prolong its useful life. It cannot prevent the equipment from eventually requiring repair or replacement, but the goal is to avoid either for as long as possible. As with repairs, maintenance is also about ensuring safety and presenting a respectable image to your clients.

Commercial Repair Services in Saskatoon

Making a good impression on potential customers is vital to the success of your business. Therefore, you cannot afford equipment that is broken, outdated, or unsafe. Handyman Connection performs the same or similar services to our commercial clients as we do to homeowners. We perform jobs big and small, both inside and out. Find out more about the services we offer to our Saskatoon clients and call us when you need assistance with your commercial property.

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