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Flooring  /  April 20, 2022

Saskatoon Tile Installation: 5 Signs a New Subfloor is Needed

Signs new subfloor is needed

While some types of flooring can be installed directly onto the joists, others need extra structure to support them. The extra support is called a subfloor, and it typically consists of panels of either oriented strand board or plywood. If damage to your floor covering has you thinking about calling floor tile installation services, you should know that the subfloor may need to be replaced as well. Here are some ways you can tell whether you need a new subfloor.

Leaking Ceiling

If you have a two-level home, a problem with the subfloor on the higher level could lead to ceiling leaks on the lower level. In this case, the subfloor is not the source of the problem. The cause is more likely a slow leak, and the plywood or OSB used to build the subfloor has absorbed the water. Once the subfloor is completely saturated, the water may start leaking through to the lower level from the ceiling.

Loose Toilet

Damage to the subfloor of the bathroom could cause the toilet to rock back and forth. The fasteners that hold down the toilet are anchored to the subfloor, but if water has decayed the subfloor, the connection is no longer secure. This type of problem is also frequently caused by water leaks, perhaps in the toilet itself.

Musty Smell

Musty smells occur because of the growth of mould or mildew. These fungal spores require water to grow and organic material to feed on. If the subfloor gets wet, it could activate mould spores, and once they start to grow, they can feed on the cellulose in the wood and spread.

Fungal growth can occur anywhere in a room, though, so before you call flooring services in Saskatoon, you should try to make sure that the subfloor is the problem. This is probably the case if the smell seems to be coming from under your feet. However, more than one area may be affected at the same time. For example, the mould growth may have started in the walls and spread to the subfloor, or vice versa.

Uneven or Sunken Floors

Sometimes damage to the subfloor only affects a particular spot. The damaged panels may sink down, causing the floors to be uneven in spots or the floor to have a soft spot. The good news is that, if only one area of the subfloor is affected, it may not be necessary to replace the whole thing. The bad news is that left unchecked, the damage can spread throughout the entire subfloor. Early intervention may save you from having to replace the entire subfloor.

Squeaking Floorboards

Damage to the subfloor can cause it to warp. When you walk across the uneven floorboards, you put pressure on them that the subfloor is no longer able to support. The movement of the floorboards pulls on the nails that hold the floorboards to the joists. The nails moving in and out of their intended position is what causes the squeaking sound from the floorboards.

Pay attention to where the squeaking occurs. If it occurs throughout the room, that may mean that the whole subfloor needs to be replaced. However, if the squeaking only occurs in one area of the room, it may be that the damage is localized and only the problematic portion needs to be replaced.

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