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Electrical  /  June 29, 2023

Signs You Need New Outlets Installed in Your Saskatoon Home

Signs You Need New Outlets Installed in Your Saskatoon Home

In your home, you want to be able to trust that your electrical outlets will work properly. The electrical outlets in your spaces are the primary source of delivering electricity to your most essential devices and appliances. If you have electrical outlets that aren’t working, it can disrupt service. Broken outlets may also lead to serious issues, such as a fire or damage to your plugged-in devices. Handyman Connection, the electrical contractor Saskatoon residents trust, can help you with problem outlets.

If you have old outlets that can’t keep up with your electrical demands, you may need to get them replaced. Additionally, some older outlets may not be able to handle your device’s specifications. Handyman Connection can also update your outlets and add convenient features, such as USB access points. Here are some other signs you may need newer outlets in your home:

Outlets Emit Heat

Heat is the first sign of a problem with your electrical outlet. Malfunctioning outlets that emit heat or feel hot to the touch may have an issue with the electrical wiring connected to them. Left ignored, hot outlets may spark a fire and cause significant damage and destruction to your home.

GFCI Outlet Tripping Problems

Another common outlet problem is seen in GFCI receptacles. A GFCI outlet is a ground fault circuit interrupter receptacle. This type of outlet includes small test buttons to prevent electrical shocks. GFCI outlets are most often installed in rooms with moisture or water, such as kitchens or bathrooms. They offer homeowners a safety feature that shuts off the electrical access point if water touches the outlet. If your GFCI outlet doesn’t trip, this means they aren’t working and need to be replaced.

Smoke, Sparks or Burning Smell

Next, be on the lookout for outlets that have smoke, sparks or a burning scent coming from them. Any one of these signs is a major issue and potential safety hazard. The problem could be bad wiring or it could be some sort of damage to the outlet. Never attempt to fix the issue yourself. Instead, reach out to Handyman Connection, residential electricians in Saskatoon, to safely fix the problem.

Plugs Feel Loose

Over time, some outlets may start to malfunction and feel less secure in your wall. When items are plugged in, they may fall out. If you have outlets that make the plug feel loose, it’s best to avoid using the outlet and schedule a repair. Plugging items into a loose outlet could cause a fire.

Outlet Installation

Installing outlets may not seem like a big, complex job to the average homeowner who wants to do as much DIY as possible. Because electrical work can be dangerous to someone who isn’t a professional, it’s best to leave this line of work to licensed contractors and electricians. Someone without knowledge and experience could potentially get an electrical shock and end up with an injury or worse. Wiring the outlets incorrectly could also create a potential fire hazard.

Electrical Contractors Saskatoon Calls First

Your home’s electrical system is comparable to the body’s brain and nervous system. Our team of pros can advise you on the limits of your current electrical box and give suggestions for potential upgrades. We can also install new outlets, relocate inconvenient outlets or repair faulty outlets so your home runs more efficiently. We also offer electrical service help with security systems, lighting, home entertainment and generators.

Learn more about Handyman Connection and our electrical services to see if we can help. When you need outlet repair, a service upgrade, ceiling fan installation or home wiring modifications, let our team of licensed electricians take care of it.

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