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Plumbing  /  March 16, 2022

Saskatoon Plumbing Services: 4 Bathroom Faucet Styles To Consider

Bathroom faucet styles to consider

Selecting bathroom fixtures is primarily fun but also occasionally frustrating. With so many finishes and styles to choose from, how do you settle on just one faucet for any bathroom renovations? The trick is to find the perfect balance of form and function to blend with your design while offering you the features you want. Consider these four bathroom faucet styles before you schedule plumbing services in Saskatoon to make sure the one you choose is the right fit.

4 Faucet Styles for Bathrooms

What should you look for in a bathroom faucet, anyway? Some sinks or countertops are pre-drilled with holes that dictate which type of faucet will fit. You should also focus on the size and scale of your bathroom; some faucets may not work in the space you have or look too large for your sink.

Think about handle function as well. Do you like the vintage look of separate cross-style handles? Do you need lever handles that are easier to operate? These features may be just as important as style, especially for families with young children or seniors aging in place.

Here are the four most common types of faucets:

1. Center Fit

This compact style is one unit with both spout and handles attached. It works well for small spaces yet still gives you control over more precise water temperative with its two-handle function. A center fit faucet mounts on a sink deck or countertop.

2. Single Handle

Perhaps the easiest to install and operate, the single handle faucet only needs one hole drilled into a sink or countertop. This type of faucet also works well in a small space, and because there is only one control for hot and cold water, it has a minimal look compared to two-handled faucets. Some models even offer sensor controls for hands-free operation or water adjustment.

3. Spread Fit

In larger bathrooms, you may want to go with a spread-fit faucet design. This type has separate pieces for the faucet, hot water, and cold water controls. If your countertop or sink is pre-drilled for three holes, look for a spread fit unit rather than a single handle or center fit. Spread fit faucets also work well for unconventional sink configurations, such as a corner faucet mount.

4. Wall Mount

Less common than the other three faucet types, a wall mount unit has a high-end, custom look. It tends to be more expensive as well because you may need to run water supply lines through the wall to accommodate the wall mounts, making any bathroom renovation a bit more complicated. Wall-mounted faucets look stunning with modern vessels or farmhouse sinks.

Keep in mind that placement is crucial to avoid splashback; make sure your contractor measures carefully for height and follows the manufacturer’s specifications. Otherwise, you may end up with a faucet that overshoots the sink or does not function without making a wet mess of your countertop.

A Word About Finishes

The variety of bathroom faucets is even more remarkable when thinking about the various finishes. Chrome is an affordable option, but its commonplace look may not wow you. Oil-rubbed bronze also had its heyday, but it seems less popular now than it was even a decade ago.

If you like a silver finish, you may want polished nickel or stainless steel. On the other hand, a matte brass, gold-tone, copper, or black enamel faucet may give you more of a luxurious or custom feel.

Faucets and Other Plumbing Services in Saskatoon

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