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Carpentry  /  October 12, 2021

How To Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Looking Like New

Easy ways to keep your kitchen cabinets in good shape

Kitchen renovations can pay off in multiple ways, not only increasing the value of your home but giving you a more enjoyable cooking and eating experience. Great-looking cabinets are one change you can make. When it comes to installing kitchen cabinets in the Saskatchewan area, or any other work from plumbing to carpentry, our remodelling services in Saskatoon can give you what you need.

There are many reasons to think about remodelling your kitchen cabinets:

  • To increase your storage space and give you more room in the kitchen
  • To match with any updates to the interior design of your kitchen
  • To improve the functionality and ease of use of your kitchen
  • To increase your home’s value and add aesthetic appeal

Once our professionals have installed your perfect kitchen cabinets, you want them to stay clean and well-maintained for a long time to come. There are a few simple tips to keep your brand-new cabinets looking like new for years to come.

Clean Them Regularly

If you don’t regularly clean your cabinets, you risk having dirt and residue build-up. This can affect the longevity of your cabinets and their appearance, leaving them looking dim or discoloured. A weekly clean should be enough to maintain your cupboards. Properly maintaining your cabinets by scrubbing with a nonabrasive cloth is the best way to ensure buildup and grime don’t settle. Never use a harsh cleaning pad, as these can cause scratches on the woods’ surface. 

Avoid Abrasive Cleaners

Harsh chemicals can damage your cabinets easily, so it is best to avoid using them. Such cleaning chemicals can include acetone, ammonia, and bleach. Using harsh cleaners like these on wood can cause dullness and leave unsightly marks that are difficult to get out. 

Using natural cleaners can help prolong the life and quality of your cabinets. Combine simple ingredients, like vinegar, water, and olive oil, to create a quick and easy wooden cabinet cleaner. The vinegar in this solution gets rid of the buildup and grime that cause dull cabinets. You can also try mild dish soap and warm water to clean off dirt and residue from cooking. Use a toothbrush to get into small areas like around the hinges, and when you finish cleaning, make sure to dry the cabinets. Moisture can cause the wood to wear down. 

Shut Doors Properly

While slamming cabinet doors shut may not seem like an issue, this action can wear down your cabinets. You can cause chips and other abrasions if you do not take care to close the door gently. Install door handles to make closing doors easier and eliminate the temptation to slam them. Special soft-closing hinges can help if you find the fast close a hard habit to break.

Keeping doors shut when needed also prolongs the life of the cabinets. Dirt and dust can cause stains and other damage. Keeping the doors open all of the time invites build up on the inside of your doors and can cause unsightly discolouration.

Use Wax To Coat Them

If you find yourself short on time to clean your cabinets weekly, try adding a layer of wax every six months. This can protect your cabinets from dirt, grime, and steam, reducing stains and discolouration. All you need is your preferred wood wax and a clean cloth. For best results, spray the substance on the cleaning cloth and then rub it on your cabinets. Do this regularly to keep your cabinets looking new and clean.

Make Your Kitchen Look Its Best

New cabinets can make a kitchen shine and bring the room together. Consider installing them or remodelling your kitchen to get the cabinets you desire, then keep them in great condition with these tips. Visit our site today to learn more about our services and get an estimate.

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