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Remodeling  /  February 9, 2023

Saskatoon Remodelling Services: How to Make a Small Room Appear Bigger

How to make a small room appear bigger

Are you tired of how dark and small the rooms in your home currently look? Perhaps you’re finally getting around to remodelling your master bedroom, or maybe you want your living room to have a more open and inviting aura. Our professional remodelling services in Saskatoon can help you achieve the look and feel you want for your home.

4 Ways To Make a Small Room Look Larger

You may know you want your space to look drastically different, but you don’t have the first clue as to how to change the room itself. If you’ve heard that lighter paint colours often make a room look bigger, you’re on the right track. Consider the following tips as you get ready to remodel — and speak to one of our contractors at Handyman Connection when you’re ready to develop a full renovation plan.

1. Use Mirrors To Reflect Light

Have you ever spent time in a restaurant, living room, or office space that you thought was a large, spacious room — only to realize that you were looking at the reflection of the room in a mirror? It’s not a myth that mirrors can make a room look larger.

In addition to appearing to double the size of the room, mirrors reflect both artificial and natural light, which makes the room brighter and gives it a more airy feel. Consider decorative wall mirrors in addition to mirrored furniture and glass tables to give the illusion of a more open space.

2. Utilize Light Creatively

Using mirrors is one way to use light creatively to create the feeling of a larger room. Another way to achieve your goal is by adding more light to the area. You may work with a contractor to install office lighting, choose living room bulbs with a different colour temperature (bluer lights read as daylight, while tungsten bulbs can mimic sunset colours), or install a new window or skylight in your dark bedroom to let more natural light in.

3. Arrange Furniture With Space in Mind

Furniture arrangement is a point that many people overlook when renovating their space to make it seem bigger. If your furniture is too large, too dark, or too close together, improvements in lighting and colour temperature won’t make much of a difference.

If your favourite room feels heavy, bulky, or sad, consider working with a professional to compose a more streamlined look that doesn’t weigh it down. If you’re concerned about the lack of storage, use clever additions such as a sofa bed, an ottoman with a secret compartment, or a coffee table that doubles as winter blanket storage. 

4. Paint With Light Colours and Use Contrast

If you’re renovating a dark, cluttered room but you still wish for intricate detail, storage, and displays, you don’t have to discard your dream of floor-to-ceiling shelves. Simply paint them a lighter colour, or have them custom-built with lighter wood, so they don’t overwhelm the room.

Similarly, be cognizant of the way your space looks when it comes to contrast. Lighter walls, darker floors, and additional contrast between light and dark colours in your decor can give the illusion of depth — which creates the feeling of a bigger room.

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