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Drywall  /  August 25, 2022

How To Hang Items on Walls Without Damaging Drywall

Tips on hanging items on drywall

Part of the fun of owning your own home is decorating it to suit your own tastes. However, just because you can put holes in the wall wherever you want to doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. A few holes in drywall may not be a big deal, but too many can be a problem. Eventually, you may have to hire drywall services in Saskatoon for repair or replacement.

If you are worried about damaging your drywall, here are some ways to avoid it while hanging up your favourite decorations.

Use Decorative Decals

A decal is a design that is printed on special paper or film. It can then adhere to a surface such as a wall. Decals come in many different designs, from floral prints to inspirational messages to kid-friendly designs. You can even find decals of famous paintings or customize your own designs. The nice thing about decals is that they are intended to be temporary, which means that they can be removed without damaging your drywall. However, not all decals are made of the same materials, so they don’t all work the same way. Decals should come with removal instructions, which you should save when you put them up. If you follow the removal instructions, you should be able to take them off without harming the drywall at all.

Use Mounting Putty

Mounting putty is a soft, malleable, adhesive material that can be used to attach pictures and posters to the walls. It goes by many different names and brands, including adhesive putty, Sticky Putty, Tacky Putty, Fun Tak, and Sticky Tack. It also comes in many different colours, such as blue, yellow, and white. Mounting putty comes in sticks that you can divide into as many pieces as you need or in sheets that are scored so you can easily break off premeasured pieces. Using mounting putty doesn’t require you to put any holes in the drywall.

Mounting putty works well for photographs and small posters. However, a large poster may be too heavy and pull the putty off the wall. While mounting putty saves you from putting holes in drywall, some varieties may pull paint off or leave behind stains.

Use Hooks With Special Adhesive

Some companies, most notably 3M, have developed a special type of adhesive that will attach to the wall without damaging it and is easy to remove. They make hooks that work with the special adhesive so you have a place to hang picture frames, or they offer mounting strips made of the same material so you can attach the frame directly to the wall. The special adhesive is pretty sturdy and should be able to support all but the heaviest picture frames. However, the heavier the load it has to bear, the greater the risk of failure, so don’t use the special adhesive to hang a very valuable work of art.

Run a Line and Hang Pictures With Clothespins

This method does require you to make holes in your drywall, but fewer than you would if you were to hang up all your pictures individually. You need to install two hooks in two corners on opposite sides of the room so you can run a line between them. Then you can use clothespins to hang light pieces of artwork or mementos, such as photographs, ticket stubs, or kids’ drawings. This method won’t work for heavy objects, and you don’t want to hang up anything too big or it could block the walkway. However, it is a fun way to hang small items. Altogether, the line with the clothespins and items hanging from it shouldn’t weigh too much, so it might be possible to string the line between hooks held with the special adhesive. That way, you wouldn’t have to put any holes in your drywall at all.

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