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Carpentry  /  December 31, 2021

Saskatoon Home Repairs: Why You Should Update Your Trim Colour

why update trim colour

Trim can completely change the look of a room. Trim can transform a space, make wall colours pop or shift gears, and spotlight furniture or art pieces. Try to remember the last time you updated your trim and, in the meantime, find out why it’s probably past time to update your trim colour with the help of a professional carpenter in Saskatoon at Handyman Connection.

Make It Match

Your home is your palace, and it is your place of respite and rejuvenation. You have likely carefully curated every last inch of it to your exact specifications. Can you say the same for the trim? Probably not. While there is nothing wrong with a bright white border that helps wall colours pop or wood that showcases beautiful grains, there are other options.

Black Trim

Black was a very polarizing interior colour for realtors and buyers, but it now does what white trim once did but with the opposite effect. While white trim adds a farmhouse or classic aesthetic, black trim adds a modern or traditional look that is unparalleled. It’s sexy but classy and put together. Wall colours pop and seem somehow fancier with black trim. If you are unsure of the capabilities of black trim, try it out on a paint app and watch your mind be changed.

Monochrome Trim

A big trend in painting right now is the monochrome palette for the inside of homes. Trim plays a part in the overall look of the room. If the walls are blue, then the border is blue too. The trim may be precisely the same colour blue or a slightly lighter or darker colour blue to match the room’s aesthetic. The rest of the room, including other fabrics, textiles, furniture, and art, will also be a similar shade of blue. The monochrome room is meant to invoke intense feelings that each colour represents as you experience them from inside the room.

The monochrome room, to some people, is more of an art statement than it is a design choice. For average, everyday folks, the monochromatic room might not be a practical approach to design. You may find yourself fielding questions about why each room of your house is one singular colour and others are not. No matter your preference, the monochrome room makes a statement and takes the trim with it.

White Trim

White trim is the traditional go-to. Speaking of the original monochrome room that is somehow acceptable for everyone, the white-on-white monochrome room has been reigning queen for years. Bright white walls with bright white trim seem to be a standby for home showings and sales. It represents careful cleaning, maintenance, and care of a property. Some might say it’s also pretty plain.

Wood Trim

Wood trim seems the most old-fashioned of all the trim choices, but it can be modernized, classic, antiqued, or restored original to the build. Wood is still as versatile as they come. Wood trim outfits many an older home on a protected preservation list across the country and in many other countries. Depending on who you are visiting and the area that they live in, the idea of painting the trim rather than painstakingly sanding and restaining with repair services would never be an option.

Wood trim does the same as black trim; it allows the wall colours to pop and show their power. When appropriately combined with complimenting colours, wooden trim can show off ornate handiwork and expert craftsmanship. If that appeals to your design and decor, roll with it but just don’t leave it unattended to go the wayside.

Make It Professional

Whether your trim choice is the monochrome mastery of a one-colour room or the fine craftsmanship of old-world wood trim, the professionals at Handyman Connection can help install, paint, and repair trim to your specification. Contact Handyman Connection today for more information.

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