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Aging in Place  /  August 14, 2021

Saskatoon Handyman Services: Home Repairs To Consider As You Age

Simple Home Repairs To Consider As You Age

Aging in place is a growing trend among seniors because staying in your own home tends to improve your quality of life. It’s more comfortable to be in your own house as you get older. The familiarity of your home can make it easier to maintain your independence, but you may need to make some modifications to be safer when you’re alone. 

Handyman Connection makes home repairs for seniors so you can enjoy your home longer while giving you peace of mind. Here are some areas of your home where you can make simple modifications to make it easier to age in place.

Aging in Place in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a hazardous room when you don’t have mobility issues or aching joints from arthritis. To make the kitchen safer and easier to navigate, think about these types of modifications:

  • Install pull-out inserts in cabinets to avoid reaching and stretching.
  • Move small appliances to the countertops for accessibility.
  • Replace cabinet knobs with door pulls.
  • Swap the faucet knobs with a lever-handle that is easier to turn on.

Bathroom Modifications to Age in Place

Falling is one of the biggest problems for seniors. The bathroom can be a prime location for falls, but with a few repairs, it can be much safer for seniors. Replace the tub with a walk-in shower that doesn’t have a curb or a walk-in bathtub. Install a bench or seat in the shower. Place grab bars in the shower area and beside the toilet. If you haven’t already raised the toilet seat, install a new toilet that is higher than the standard one. Increase the lighting in the bathroom to make it easier to see. For comfort, if you are replacing the flooring, consider heated flooring.

Modifications Throughout Your Home For Seniors

The kitchen and bathroom aren’t the only places that can be problematic for seniors to navigate. Increase lighting near steps and stairs and along exterior paths. You want to be able to identify hazards on the path and to see the path when outside lighting isn’t enough. Replace doorknobs with lever handles that are easier to open when hands feel stiff. Widen doorways and hallways to accommodate a wheelchair. Don’t just look at the main entrance. Make sure to update the entire home to make all egress and ingress options safe.

Install ramps at entrances, or change the steps to be shorter and wider for safety. Handrails add additional support at stairways or in hallways where falls can occur. Certain types of flooring have more traction to prevent falls. If you have loose carpeting, tack it down to secure it. More elaborate modifications are available for all types of problems that seniors can face as they age. Chair lifts or countertop height adjustments can be made to your home to make it easier to age in place. Adding technology to your home can also increase your comfort and safety as you age. New developments are being brought to the market every year to help seniors live more independently longer.

Don’t Wait to Make Modifications to Your Home

You don’t have to wait until you get older to adapt your home for accessibility. You can make these modifications over time to your home to be prepared as you age. Aging in place and accessible homes have selling points over older homes that aren’t ready for diverse homeowners. Start the conversation about aging in place today to find ways to make it safer now and in the future. Contact Handyman Connection for repair services in Saskatoon. Home is where your heart is. Make your home the place you can grow old while maintaining your independence. We can help. 

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