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Drywall  /  February 16, 2022

Saskatoon Drywall Services: How To Repair Your Water-Damaged Ceiling

How to repair water damaged ceiling

Handyman Connection in Saskatoon helps people with all sorts of home repairs. One of the most common that we deal with is water damage to walls and ceilings. Modern drywall construction, fortunately, makes this relatively easy. Nonetheless, it can be a frustrating problem to have to deal with. We strongly recommend hiring professional drywall services in Saskatoon to ensure that the job is done right. Nonetheless, it is always a good thing for homeowners to at least understand the basics of home repairs.

How To Repair a Water-Damaged Ceiling

When you have a leak that is sending water somewhere it shouldn’t be, you need to address the problem quickly. The following four steps are the basics of how to deal with the issue.

1. Stop the Water Source

First and foremost, you need to prevent more water from leaking into the area. If the problem is a burst or leaking pipe, shut off the water source and have a plumber come to fix the pipe. If the problem is a leak in the exterior of your home, you should block the leak then repair the outside area first. It may be a good idea to remove some of the affected ceiling to make accessing the leak easier.

2. Dry the Affected Areas

Next, you should dry out the affected sections. Depending on the severity of the leak and the humidity, you may be able to simply wait a few days. Alternatively, you may need to bring in a fan or even a space heater to help to dry out the space. It is important to fully dry the affected section of the ceiling before you continue.

3. Remove the Damaged Ceiling

Once the area is dry, you can start to remove the section of the ceiling with water damage. In general, it is better to remove more than you need to. While you don’t want to make the repair job unnecessarily big, you also don’t want to leave any damaged material that could become mouldy. Consider cutting out rectangular sections to make the repair process easier (non-straight edges are harder to cut).

4. Replace the Damaged Sections

Finally, you can replace the damaged area with new drywall. You will want to cut replacement drywall to fit the hole as closely as possible. As mentioned, this is easier if you cut out rectangular sections. Install the replacement sections with drywall screws. Then, you can fill the gaps with joint compound, sand then paint the area.

The Value of Hiring a Professional for Ceiling Repairs

Water damage is serious business. While it may just seem like an unsightly brown stain, it can also be a serious health hazard. Damp drywall can grow mould or fungus. This can be a risk for anyone in the home. Thus, it is important to make sure the job is done thoroughly and correctly.

Furthermore, repairing a ceiling can be a difficult process. You have to work above your head and on a ladder. Trying to get the repaired sections to look right with the original ceiling can also be a challenge.

In short, it is often a good idea to hire a professional to help. While this may seem like a DIY-friendly job, most homeowners are ultimately happy that they opted to get help rather than go it alone.

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