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Maintenance  /  January 25, 2023

Saskatoon Repair Services: Common Electrical Problems That Occur in the Workplace

Electrical problems that occur in workplace

People like to believe that their workplace is safe and free of potential injury risks. Unfortunately, even in the most docile work environments, electrical safety issues may contribute to hazards and injuries, which is why commercial offices should have repair services in Saskatoon on speed dial.

Even the most well-meaning employers may make common electrical mistakes that put employees and clients at risk for injury, shock, or electrocution. As a business owner, you must ensure the safety of your staff and customers. If you are unaware of current electrical codes, contact a licensed electrician and schedule a property assessment. Also, learn about the most common electrical problems occurring in commercial facilities.

1. Overloaded Sockets 

Commercial offices often have several computers or devices sharing a single outlet. It is never advisable to plug more than one device into a single outlet. If you must plug in multiple devices, use a multi-way extension bar with a fuse instead of relying on basic extension cords.

Plugging multiple computers or other office equipment into an outlet is a surefire way to overload the socket. An overloaded socket can damage equipment, but it can also cause injuries and fires.

Consult a licensed electrician if your business needs more outlets and power to meet equipment demands. The professional can assess your current system and recommend legal and safe upgrades.

2. Damaged Equipment and Power Tools

Many professional organizations may condone using broken or damaged equipment if it is still functional, but this is a mistake. Using iffy equipment can lead to electric shock, fire, or electrocution.

Never attempt to plug in and use damaged products. Always take the equipment to commercial repair services for repair or replacement.

Besides the potential for physical injury, consider the possibility of damaged or erased files. If you continue to use a computer showing signs of damage, the system may fail, erasing all files and projects in the system. The best way to avoid such risks is to back up files and get the machine repaired early.

3. Electrical Usage by Water

People often become complacent around electrical outlets and devices. Complacency usually leads to the biggest no-no around electricity: using equipment near electricity.

Water significantly increases the risk of electrical shock or electrocution. All electrical devices and outlets should remain at a safe distance from any water source, including water bottles.

Licensed electricians recommend a minimum distance of three feet between faucets and outlets. However, moving even further away from water sources when working with electrical devices is always a good idea.

To keep employees and consumers safe, commercial facilities should ensure all equipment is a safe distance from all water. The businesses should establish rules if necessary.

4. Overhead Power Lines

Many commercial facilities install overhead power lines to ensure all parts of the building have an adequate power supply. As long as employees remain at a safe distance from these lines, there is no issue. Unfortunately, some companies get a little lax with guidelines, which can result in burns, shocks, or electrocution.

Professionals and municipal codes require workers to maintain a 10-foot distance from overhead power lines. Also, all equipment should maintain the same minimum distance. As long as companies and workers obey the rules, burn and electrocution risks are significantly reduced. If you are unsure if your company is in compliance with the basic electrical code, contact a licensed electrician and schedule a property assessment.

Does your workplace obey all municipal and electrical code regulations? Contact Handyman Connection to discuss any concerns you may have and to schedule an on-site assessment with a licensed electrician. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep your workers and customers safe.

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