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Remodeling  /  July 28, 2022

Handyman in Saskatoon: Colours To Avoid Painting a Bathroom

Colours to avoid painting a bathroom

If you’re interested in affordable bathroom renovations in Saskatoon, consider giving the space a new coat of paint. A room’s colour scheme drastically changes the atmosphere, as colour influences the human brain. Additionally, older fixtures take on new life when paired with a fresh, glossy hue.

New paint can even protect your bathroom walls. Many brands make moisture-resistant paint for the bathroom to shield drywall from humid air. Additionally, these pigments won’t fade or run when wiped down.

Of course, you need to choose the right hue before hiring painting services. You can find an abundance of fun, soothing shades for a powder room, but designers advise you don’t stray too far into “imaginative” tones, such as the following.

Olive Green Is Looks Unnervingly Like Mildew

Fans of bold colours adore olive green for its neutral undertone and mysterious allure. Greens are reminiscent of nature, making them excellent options for studies, bedrooms and living rooms. Additionally, green combines the relaxing qualities of blue with the energizing traits of yellow. As a result, green shades stimulate creativity.

However, these features don’t translate well to a bathroom. For one, most people aren’t looking for creativity in the water closet — they intend to do their business, then leave. For another, dark greens such as olive make spaces look smaller. Since most bathrooms have few to no windows, this shade will make the area look more cramped than it actually is.

Olive green has another unique issue: It’s very similar to the colour of mildew. Unfortunately, that makes it challenging to identify and clean spots where mould and mildew accumulate.

Red and Orange Tones Are Overstimulating

When we see reds and oranges, our brains immediately kick into high gear — that’s why these shades are often used for warning signs. These tones fit well in a variety of rooms:

  • Playrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Sunrooms
  • Game rooms

However, they’re not conducive to a relaxing soak. Most homeowners want a spa-like atmosphere in their washrooms, and these intense colours make it difficult to unwind. Even subdued versions don’t have the same calming effect as blue or gray.

Gold Beige Is Hard To Match

There was a time when gold beige was all the rage — but that time has long passed. Today, designers list this colour as the number one worst for bathrooms. For one thing, it will immediately make your home look outdated. For another, nothing matches it. If you choose gold beige for the walls, you’ll have a tough time finding tile and fixtures that complement it.

If you want bright paint with a warm undertone, consider cream or off-white. Both options amplify light while complementing a range of other colors and finishes.

Brown Is Too Muddy

Earth tones can be deeply relaxing, so many designers use them for bedrooms. However, one colour should never show up in your bathroom: brown.

Like olive, brown shades are too dark for a compact space. Tans and beiges are better alternatives if you want to stay in the earthy realm while brightening. Dark browns also have the unfortunate effect of reminding bathroom users of — well. If you don’t want snide remarks about your colour choice, stay away from brown.

Painting can be messy and time-consuming. Instead of spending your weekend covered in paint, why not search for a “handyman near me?” You’ll find Handyman Connection, a team of experts dedicated to helping homeowners transform their residences.

We’re happy to paint your bathroom or any other space. We can even assist with other remodellings, such as laying tile or installing new fixtures. When you’re ready to remake your powder room, get a free estimate by giving us a call or submitting our online form.

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