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Carpentry  /  July 20, 2022

Saskatoon Carpentry Services: Benefits of Exterior Window Trim

Benfits of exterior window trim

Windows are an often-overlooked source of household beautification. When considering home renovations in Saskatoon, the benefits of exterior window trim are many, including style, purpose, safety, and increasing your home’s curb appeal. Continue reading below to learn more about why window trim exists, how it can increase the value of your home, the best materials for exterior window trim, and how hiring a carpentry service can save you time, money, and frustration. 

What Is the Purpose of Exterior Window Trim? 

When a window is installed next to the siding, there is a noticeable gap between the edge of the siding and the window box. This of course leaves the interior of the wall open to moisture, rain, and snow. A very small gap can create a very big problem. Mould, mildew, and other forms of weather damage can creep into your home.

These gaps also leave open the possibility that a rodent could enter the inside of the wall, looking for warmth and food. Mice are known to be able to enter a gap in a wall no larger than a dime. Once a mouse enters the home, it can chew through wood, insulation, and wiring, creating structural instability and even the risk of fire. Window trim covers these gaps. 

Can It Increase the Value of My Home? 

Yes! From a purely aesthetic perspective, imagine the curb appeal when potential buyers see a well-designed colour contrast around the windows. Going without exterior window trim leaves the home with a prefab look that is less unique and inviting. You can choose a classic, traditional design that will be relevant for decades to come, or, for a quick sale, select a style that matches current architectural trends. 

A home’s value also increases when it has not had to undergo significant repairs due to weather damage. When it comes time for the home inspection, any damage to interior beams will count against you. A home with walls that have gaps open to the elements may also require retrofitting to pass inspection. 

What Are the Best Materials To Use Around Windows?

You want to pick something that is both durable and good-looking. Consider how much maintenance will cost over time and the difficulty of accessing the trim once it is installed (especially on second-floor windows). Wood may be inexpensive, but it will also cost you more as it breaks down and requires repainting. 

The best low-maintenance material that also looks good is fibre cement. It will cover the wall seams mentioned above and greatly resist weather impact. If, however, you have vinyl siding, it’s probably best to go with the vinyl window trim, for consistency of appearance and texture. Another alternative is preservative-treated wood, which will resist the elements while saving you money. 

Hire a Professional Carpentry Service To Secure and Beautify Your Home

Installing window trim may not be as simple as it appears. Home renovations in Saskatoon sometimes become dangerous and more expensive when homeowners do it themselves. Even if you are able to complete your renovation safely and on a budget, you still may save time on evenings and weekends by calling Handyman Connection.

We can relate to the frustration of a DIY home project that never seems to end. Visit our website today to schedule a free consultation and estimate. We want you to feel comfortable about our plans. We will answer all your questions and give you a written summary of the work you’re contracting with us to do. Our goal is to make sure the project turns out just the way you wanted. Give us a call today.

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