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Storage  /  October 27, 2022

5 Smart Storage Solutions To Maximize Every Square Inch of Closet Space

Storage solutions for your closet

Whether you have a small reach-in closet or an expansive walk-in, chances are you constantly feel as if don’t have enough space. Not only that, you probably struggle to find what you need amidst all the clutter. While most people would attempt to solve this problem by creating a bigger closet, you can increase the amount of usable closet space with smart storage solutions in Saskatoon.

Closet storage solutions vary from simple — such as swapping out your mismatched, plastic hangers — to the more complex, such as adding hanging rods to create a two-tier hanging system. A clothes storage solution expert in your area can assess your current situation, identify your needs and help you build a beautiful, functional and hard-to-make-messy closet space.

1.    Hangers for Short and Long Items

A lot of closets come with the typical one-rod for single-tier hanging. While a single rod is better than no rod, these types of systems are inefficient at best and downright space-wasting at worst. To maximize the hanging space in your wardrobe, allocate space for short and long items. Dedicate one space for a single-tier hanging system in which you hang dresses, coveralls, peacoats and other longer items. In the other available sections, space rods about 42 to 45 inches apart vertically to create two sections in which you can hang shirts, folded-up pants and skirts. By organizing your closet in this way, you can enjoy two to three times more hanging space and space out your clothes so you always have a better view of what you own.

2.    Label Storage Units

Bins and baskets help to keep smaller to mid-sized accessories from cluttering up your closet and making it appear messy. While wonderful organizational tools, you may become frustrated with bins if you frequently can’t find what you’re looking for. To make the most of your storage solutions, label everything.

3.    Keep Seasonal Items on Dedicated Levels

If you separate your seasonal items, good for you — you’re already one step ahead of the rest. However, do you have a system for where you store them? If not, you can easily create one.

Create a two-tier shelving unit and grab some bins. Then, place warm weather items in one to two bins and cold weather items in the others. In the spring and summer months, keep the warm weather bins up top. When the seasons begin to change, rotate the baskets so the gear you need most is up high. Also, don’t forget to label.

4.    Add a Dresser

If your closet lacks built-in shelving, don’t despair. You can create more storage space by simply placing a dresser in the center of your closet, below the short item hanging space. Use the drawers to organize pants, undergarments and socks. Then, place bins on top for loose accessories.

5.    Take Advantage of Every Square Inch

Outside of these ideas, there are dozens of ways you can maximize every square inch of your closet space. While an expert in home renovations in Saskatoon can identify ways to do just this, some ideas to consider for inspiration are as follows:

  • Nest items that can be nested, such as bras and purses
  • Use the vertical folding technique
  • Use over-the-door organizers
  • Hang jewelry
  • Use a closet organizer with shelves
  • Use felt, matching hangers
  • Maintain a separate, out-of-closet clothes rack

Closet space is a point of contention for many homeowners. If you’re tired of wrestling clothes into or out of cluttered spaces, and if you want to be able to see everything you own without having to pull it out of its home, talk to your local Handyman Connection about storage solutions in Saskatoon. With the right guidance, you can maximize every square inch of your closet space, and gain the motivation to do the same with the rest of your home.

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