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Fences  /  July 26, 2021

5 Simple Tips To Think About When Installing A New Fence

5 Simple Tips To Think About When Installing A New Fence

Fence installation in Saskatoon may seem like a straightforward home improvement project, but in reality, there are several considerations you should take into account when deciding on the type of fence, the fencing material used, and even whether your fence needs one or multiple gates installed. At Handyman Connection, our professionals each possess over a decade’s worth of experience in helping homeowners determine the perfect fence for their property. Read through the following five tips to gain a better understanding of what is involved in the fence installation process.

1. Define the Type of Fence You Need

Consider the material as well as the size of your yard when defining the type of fence you want to install. For example, do you want a split-rail fence for an expansive property or a more decorative, aluminum fence for a yard in the city? Perhaps your main concern is not enhancing the look of your landscape, but privacy: If you have small children, pets, or neighbours located close by, you may want to opt for a solid wood privacy fence.

As you’re mulling over these various options, you can get in touch with us to measure your property and obtain a free estimate for fencing composed of different types of materials. Make sure to locate your property lines if you have not done so already. Don’t be afraid to talk to your contractor about any concerns you may have in fencing your property. There are often realistic, affordable solutions that you may not be aware of!

2. Choose the Style of Your Fence

Large properties and privacy fences often don’t mix: Due to the cost of wood, you may consider installing a split-rail fence for a property that is larger than an acre. If you are opting for a split-rail fence, you can offer protection to toddlers and pets by adding a layer of mesh to the fence. For a smaller property, you may want to opt for a sturdy aluminum fence or a privacy fence that is made of solid wood.

3. Determine Whether You Need Gates

Any size of yard, whether you measure in square footage or calculate by acre, needs to be mowed. The type of mower you use may determine whether you need one gate, several gates, or no gate at all. Homeowners with larger properties may choose to install several gates that are large enough for a riding lawnmower to pass through, while suburb-dwellers may choose to install one gate that is large enough for a person to walk through (and perhaps a push mower as well).

Gates make your yard accessible from multiple angles. Determine who needs to access your yard and with what type of equipment before you settle on the size and number of gates.

4. Know Your Budget

Fencing is often an area that leaves customers surprised by just how much materials such as wood, metal, and aluminum cost. It’s true: The price of lumber has seen a lot of fluctuation recently, but this doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank when choosing the type of material for your fence that can last decades if maintained properly.

5. Consider Future Landscaping Ideas

Will you grow vines over your fence? What about that garden you’ve always wanted to plant? Work with our handymen to determine whether your fence will be a standalone, functional feature of your yard or if you plan to integrate it into an already existing landscaping scheme. Additionally, consider future landscaping projects to define whether you will place the fence, gates, and other aspects of your landscaping plan.

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Handyman Connection has years of experience providing fence installation and fence repair services. We boast outstanding customer service and we enjoy helping local homeowners choose the fences that make their yards both functional and beautiful. Call us today for a free estimate! We look forward to working with you to enhance your home.

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