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Decks  /  June 23, 2021

5 Signs It Is Time To Repair Your Stairs

5 Signs It Is Time To Repair Your Stairs

Walking up and down the stairs can wear out your staircase. Whether you’re living alone or have a home full of kids and pets, look for these five signs that your stairs are worn out and need to be repaired. Turn to a trusted carpenter in Saskatoon for an affordable quote today.

1. Noisy Steps

Creaking and squeaking stairs are one of the most annoying signs of a maintenance issue. This is a natural issue that occurs as the steps bend and warp. Old age and heavy use turn a comfortable trip up the stairs into a noisy experience.

A professional contractor can pinpoint the area where the squeak is occurring. The exact point is typically around a nail or screw. Depending on the staircase design and if the underside is open, contractors use glue, screws or blocks to support your stairs and remove the noise.

2. Outdated Design

Older staircases may not have the support required by modern building codes. Older homes often have handrails that are dangerously short. Not only is it uncomfortable to hold a shorter handrail, but this can create a fall hazard as you try to walk up the stairs.

Your stair treads should also be uniform and within set dimensions. Steps that are too tall, short or uneven can be dangerous to use. Create a safe set of stairs to access your upper floor or basement.

3. Cracked Staircase

Each individual tread is a separate piece in the staircase construction. Over time, a tread can crack or pull away from the fasteners, creating a loose tread. Check out repair services in Saskatoon to explore your options.

Depending on the issue, a contractor can either secure, patch or replace the tread. A loose screw or nail can be secured, but a cracked and loose tread may need to be removed and replaced. A professional contractor can find a replacement that fits your staircase design.

The treads are only one component of your staircase. If the support structure of your staircase is cracked, then you need to schedule a prompt repair service. It can be difficult to know whether a loose or cracked tread is a sign of a more serious structural issue.

Work with a carpenter in your local area to inspect the handrail, support framing and treads of your staircase. A qualified professional can make quick work of any damage or unsupported component replacement.

4. Loose or Missing Handrail

Check your handrail for signs of maintenance issues. Hanging onto the handrail year after year can wear it out. Some improperly built staircases don’t even have handrails, making it particularly dangerous to climb up and down.

An expert contractor can secure a loose handrail or install a new one that fits local building codes. Sometimes you just need to tighten a few screws to secure a handrail. Other issues may require a full removal and replacement.

5. Water Damage

Water on your staircase can quickly cause warping and rotting. This creates a squeaky and compromised staircase. Water damage can occur in the basement or the first floor if there’s a flood or a leaking water line.

Cleaning the water off the surface of your staircase may not be enough to prevent long-term damage. Discuss your options with a local carpenter, or schedule a staircase repair if you have compromised stairs from heavy water damage.

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Restore your staircase for safe use and a beautiful feature in your interior design. Request an estimate to have a local carpenter inspect and repair your staircase after years of use or unexpected water damage. Maintain the treads and handrail of your staircase to avoid long-term issues or a dangerous accident.

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