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Storage  /  March 30, 2023

Saskatoon Handyman: 4 Ways To Maximize Your Space With Shelving

Maximize your space with shelving

Many homes lack the storage and organization they need to be genuinely functional for modern families; closet spaces are too small, rooms lack the square footage for dressers or other organizational furniture, and built-in cabinets lack enough space for larger family needs. The only solution is storage and shelving installation, but you must get creative to ensure the added pieces do not make your rooms feel claustrophobic. A professional contractor can help you make the right choices for your home and family.

Exploring Shelving Opportunities

Shelving comes in many styles. You can purchase free-standing shelves with drawer space. You can also find closed cabinet shelving. Unfortunately, both of these options are not ideal for smaller areas. That said, you can also purchase floating shelves or shelving systems for tighter spaces.

The best shelving solution for you and your family depends on your specific needs and available space. To make the most of your shelving solution, you may want to hire a contractor for installation to ensure safety and security.

A contractor can talk to you about ways to maximize your square footage. They can also share some of the pros and cons of the most popular shelving options.

1. Desktop Shelving

Most home offices either have a designated room or exist in a multi-use space. In either case, having extra office storage is always a plus, and one excellent one to include is desktop shelving.

Desktop shelving can include matching desk hutches or accessories. The shelving you choose must be anchored or secured to the desk to prevent tipping.

The primary drawback of desk shelving is that it takes up surface space. Hutches usually mount to the side of the desk and leave room for the desk surface, mitigating the drawback.

2. Ceiling Mounted Shelving

Ceiling-mounted shelving is ideal for kitchens or pantries. The shelving typically rests about 12 inches or so from the ceiling, allowing for extra storage.

Unfortunately, depending on the height of your ceilings, the items you store are not the most accessible. It is best to use this type of shelving for decorative items or things you don’t need very often.

Some people use ceiling-mounted shelves in dining rooms for decorations, like decorative plates. It typically sits above wainscoting or a chair rail.

3. Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are excellent ways to use awkward corners in your home. Not only do they offer extra storage for your family, but they also add a point of interest with decorative appeal.

Find corner shelves that fit correctly. Because most corner units are free-standing, they can look clunky and bulky if too large. You might consider purchasing a shorter, lighter-coloured cabinet if you have a tight space. Tall and dark cabinets may appear more intrusive, making the room feel cramped and uncomfortable.

4. Track Shelving

Track shelving is versatile and adjustable. It can fit in most spaces and is relatively simple to install, especially for those with experience in home repairs.

Most people use track shelving in closets or laundry rooms because of its adjustability. The shelving uses two or more brackets called tracks with shelves that have hooks. The hooks allow the shelves to attach to the track at various connection points. Because of the system design, the shelves are customizable, allowing homeowners to make adjustments as needed.

Hiring a Professional for Installation

A handyman in Saskatoon can help you find the shelving solutions that work best for your home. They can also install the shelves to ensure correct and safe installation. Contact the professionals with Handyman Connection to schedule an estimate and discuss your shelving needs.

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