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Electrical  /  February 22, 2023

Saskatoon Handyman: 4 Things Electricians Want You to Know

4 things electricians want you to know

Every electrician in Saskatoon wants homeowners to be safe when working with electricity in their homes. Too many people believe that home electrical systems are safe for DIY projects or repairs, and that is not the case. Your house’s system can still cause significant harm to you or your property if you are not careful, which is why it is best to leave repairs and installations to the pros.

Your home’s electrical system still carries enough current to cause electrocution or spark a house fire. Licensed electricians have the experience and education to handle these systems safely without risking your property or family members.

4 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Their Electrical System

Some things are simple enough repairs that homeowners can do them alone, like replacing an outlet or ceiling fan. Still, these everyday tasks can present challenges and risks, especially if the homeowner becomes complacent with safety procedures. For example, a person can still risk electrical shock or burns if they fail to cut power to the appropriate location.

Even smaller projects are better left to professionals, even though homeowners can probably handle them on their own. If you choose to use DIY methods for a project, ensure you take every precaution available. Also, ensure you know at least four fundamental principles about home electrical systems.

1. Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

The electrical system will give warning signs when it isn’t working as it should. You might hear popping noises from an outlet or notice a light switch is unusually hot. Any strange issue needs investigation.

Too many homeowners put off “minor” issues until they have the time to deal with them. Your electrical problem is not taking vacation days, and it certainly will not wait for the issue to be more convenient for your schedule.

For mysterious problems, always call a professional electrician. DIY attempts at system assessments are too dangerous, especially when the homeowner has little or no prior knowledge of electricity and electrical systems.

2. Understand Low Voltage Is Dangerous

There is a common misconception that low-voltage systems are safe for novices to work on. While the system is not as dangerous as higher voltage components, like a breaker panel, it is still dangerous.

People working on DIY basement renovations may feel comfortable working with standard outlets or overhead lighting installs, but even if the system is low-voltage, it is dangerous. It is the current that is dangerous, not so much the voltage. A low-voltage system may have a higher-than-safe current running through it.

Even when the current and voltage are low, a person can still receive a mild and surprising shock. When the shocks occur on ladders, they become precarious and potentially lethal because they can startle the installer, making them fall off their ladder.

3. Understand GFCI

A ground fault circuit interrupt or GFCI outlet is standard in bathrooms, outdoor spaces, or anywhere an outlet is near water. The outlet cuts power to itself and any other connection on the same circuit to protect the system. The outlets are confusing because they can affect power in seemingly unrelated spaces.

4. Know Overhead Power Lines Are Live

Overhead power lines are not typically insulated, meaning they are live and dangerous to touch. People may assume that the lines are safe to touch because wildlife lands on them or use them as highways, but they can only do this because they do not complete the circuit by offering a quicker route to the ground.

If you see downed power lines on your property, always assume they are live. Keep your distance and call a professional.

Importance of Hiring an Electrician

A licensed electrician is happy to help with any home project, from replacing an outlet to installing a breaker panel. They can do the work safely and without risk to you. If you need electrical repair services, contact Handyman Connection to schedule an appointment.

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