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Maintenance  /  December 20, 2022

Saskatoon Repair Services: 4 Reasons Every Business Needs a Handyman

Reasons businesses needs a handyman

You may have hired a handyman for odd jobs around your home, but did you know that your business will also benefit from having a reliable helper at the ready? Whether you require routine upkeep to keep your facility humming or your building needs major fix-it work, developing an ongoing relationship with one of the top repair services in Saskatoon is a smart business decision. Here’s how one of Handyman Connection’s commercial repair services will simplify maintenance at your workplace.

1. They’re Efficient

When you need something checked out or fixed, spending time calling around numerous contractors takes up valuable work hours. You may even waste time getting started as you try to figure out which type of repairperson your problem requires.

Working with a handyman is a true time saver. With just one phone call, you’ll arrange for your issue to be taken care of by a professional with a broad range of expertise. Plus, their familiarity with your worksite means they’ll get straight down to business resolving each problem that arises.

2. They Do Good Work

Every office has a self-styled “MacGyver” on staff, the do-it-yourselfer who cleverly patches something up with duct tape and bobby pins and then hopes the problem doesn’t get any worse. While in-a-pinch solutions like these might buy you some time, that kind of corner-cutting isn’t a long-term solution.

A professional handyman is thorough and has the skills to complete quality work on the first go. Trained experts always trump armchair “Mr. Fixits” when it comes to performing permanent, accurate repairs.

They’re the Safest Choice

DIYers may not only take fix-it shortcuts, but they’re also inexperienced in terms of performing repair work safely. As an employer, you have a duty to minimize danger to your team, so it makes better business sense to hire a licensed and bonded expert to handle maintenance. Leave repair work to the experts and keep your staff out of harm’s way.

Professional handymen not only fix things properly, but they also follow smart, and mandatory, safety measures to safeguard themselves, your staff, and your property. From ladders that meet CSA safety standards to protective gear like heavy-duty gloves and goggles, they’ve got the right equipment to complete every job with as little risk as possible.

They’re Cost-Effective

Using a handyman keeps costs down on three fronts. First, there’s tremendous value in working with a professional who knows the ins and outs of your facilities. Billable hours won’t be wasted in figuring out simple things like where your breaker box is located or how to access your air vents.

Next, you’ll save by having someone stay on top of routine maintenance. Just schedule regular visits with your handyman to perform upkeep and ensure minor issues are addressed before they become major, and majorly expensive problems.

Finally, with their wide range of expertise, handymen are equipped to handle a variety of problems. Rather than hiring a plumber to replace a leaky fixture and a drywaller to patch up damage caused by the ensuing dampness, a jack-of-all-trades has the tools and know-how to address both repairs in one visit.

Connect With a Handyman at Handyman Connection

Now that you understand why your business will benefit from handyman services, it’s time to find the best one to meet your needs. Start by reaching out to Handyman Connection, Saskatoon’s top resource for home and business repair, remodelling, and renovation services.

At Handyman Connection, we pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations, whether it’s through the top-quality work of our professionals or the outstanding service each of our craftspeople provides. Call us today and start enjoying the perks of having a handyman to repair and maintain your facilities!

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