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Electrical  /  September 28, 2022

Saskatoon Repair Services: 4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring an Electrician

Questions to ask before hiring an electrician

It is wise to approach hiring a home electrician in Saskatoon much the same way you would approach hiring a new employee. Decide on what you’re looking for, have a series of interview questions ready, and consider multiple candidates before making a job offer. Your electrician will be inside your home and property, so it makes sense to vet them fully before paying for their services. Ask these four questions to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

1. Are You Licensed? 

This is the most important question because it relates to safety and whether they can get the job done. Their credentials may come from the city, county, or state, depending on how many hours of service they have acquired and the extent of their qualifications. An unlicensed electrician may have never gone through the appropriate training or may have lost their license due to a safety or performance issue.

Insurance is also non-negotiable. In the rare event that an accident happens, the electrician’s insurance policy will cover damages to the property and the medical bills of the injured person.

2. Can I See References? 

Asking for references is a common request that electricians should be ready to accommodate. It helps you see the full picture of the technician’s recent experience, and how happy their customers were with the work they did.

It’s probably best to ask for three to five names and numbers of past clients you can call. If one has a mixed review, that’s food for thought. If several of them were unhappy with the result, interview somebody else.

3. What Are Your Warranties and Guarantees?

Trustworthy electricians will stand behind their work with a warranty or guarantee that they will come back to your home and fix whatever goes wrong, as long as it occurs in a reasonable period of time after the work was done.

Everyone makes mistakes, and a warranty is a simple way for them to reassure you that if something unexpected goes wrong after the work is complete, you should have no problem calling and asking them to return.

These details should be stipulated in the electrical repair services contract that you sign. Do not accept verbal or informal promises. Get everything in writing, and have both parties sign.

4. What Are Your Specialties?

Every person making a name for themselves in a particular trade will have jobs that they are very good at, and some that they do not complete as often. Asking about specialties ensures that the person you hire can do the job you need.

If you hire someone who usually works on new builds, they might be out of their depth when working with old wiring or retrofitting a decades-old system. If they are used to doing quick repairs and emergency work, a full remodel may be a stretch for their skillset. You will save yourself time and money by asking about the tasks they feel the most comfortable with.

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