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Maintenance  /  September 21, 2022

3 Common Building Repairs You Might Need

Common repairs for buildings

Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or real estate investor, you know that owning property can bring huge payoffs as well as huge headaches. One of the biggest hassles of property ownership is being responsible for fixing anything that might break or need updating. People may opt to attempt small repairs on their own or consult with repair services in Saskatoon to have a professional come fix the problem. While it can be tempting to make repairs on your own, hiring someone who is experienced in things such as construction, plumbing, maintenance and electric wiring to do that work for you is often the wiser choice.

Although we may not provide all of these services, we feel it’s a value for customers to be aware of. Here are three common building repairs that you might need in a building that you manage or live in.

1. Fixing Electrical Faults

An electrical fault is a broad term that can mean any issue related to the electrical current in a property. Electrical faults can be caused by mishandling, overloads and environmental factors such as lightning. Faulty wiring can lead to fires and other dangerous conditions, so they are best handled right away by a professional who knows how to work with electricity. Some signs that you have an electrical fault include:

  • Noticing that appliances, lighting sources and electronics will not turn on despite being plugged in and having no other obvious defects
  • Observing multiple lights in the room dim or flicker in the absence of a thunderstorm or other known cause
  • Smelling an odd or burning odour that gets worse as you approach the electrical source
  • Hearing a buzzing noise coming from outlets despite a quiet device being plugged into the socket 
  • Observing wires that appear frayed or like they have been chewed on 

Electrical defects can be downright hazardous in addition to causing an inconvenience to residents who live in the building where the faults are located. While they may be common, it is important to investigate these signs right away.

2. Correcting Leaks

Leaks happen when the pipes carrying water throughout the building are compromised and allow water to seep onto the walls, ceilings and floors of a residence. There are numerous causes for leaks, including clogs in the plumbing, corrosion of pipes, unregulated water pressure and improperly placed seals. A severe leak can cause great structural damage as well as damage to personal property when those items suffer from water damage. Water damage can also lead to health hazards such as mould, so it is important to take care of leakage issues as soon as possible. Old pipes tend to be more at risk of leaking, but leaky pipes can happen regardless of age, especially if they are not taken care of and inspected regularly.

3. Mending Cracking

Cracks are another issue that should be caught and fixed sooner rather than later, as tiny cracks can lead to large ones that cause major problems. Cracks in the foundation, for example, are one of the main things that a new homeowner should look for before purchasing the home. Foundation cracks could be just normal wear and tear or they could be a symptom of a larger problem, and a professional is the best one to make that distinction. People who work for commercial repair services are a good resource to go to if you are concerned with cracks in your walls, ceilings, floors or foundation.

Whether you need a remodel, repair or renovation, contact Handyman Connection today and ask us about our services for residential homeowners and commercial property owners. Whether your own home or a commercial building that you own is in need of repair, you can trust us to safely take care of any issue you encounter.

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