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Remodeling  /  December 7, 2022

Saskatoon Remodeling Services: 3 Benefits of an Open-Concept Kitchen

Benefits of open concpt kitchen

If your current kitchen design isn’t working for you, consider an open layout. The expansive space offers a variety of benefits, especially for homeowners who like to entertain. With the right remodelling services in Saskatoon, you can create a gorgeous kitchen that meets all your needs.

Create an Open Atmosphere

Open-concept rooms have long lines of sight, allowing you to utilize several spaces simultaneously. For example, an open-concept kitchen may have a line of sight to the dining room, kitchen and even the backyard. That means minimal walls and vaulted ceilings to create an expansive feeling.

If you have a smaller home or a cramped kitchen, an open layout can give you the necessary breathing space. You’ll feel more comfortable and even increase your property value since the appearance of the space appeals to potential buyers. Fewer walls also mean more natural light, reinforcing the sensation of openness.

You’ll also have more room for furniture. Without walls to limit arrangements, you can place sofas, tables and chairs to greater effect. You can even arrange rugs, couches and bookshelves to create designated living spaces without the permanence of walls.

Get More From Your Layout

While themed rooms are a fun idea, they can make a home seem disconnected and awkward. In contrast, a cohesive design makes a home feel welcoming. Having a line of sight from the front to the back door lets you create a design that makes sense for the entire house.

You also have more options for islands, which offer their own benefits:

  • More seating options
  • More storage space
  • More counter space

An island can make the space feel cramped in a closed kitchen, but in an open kitchen, it feels like a natural addition. You can install an expansive island with plenty of dining room, cabinets and shelving, giving your kitchen more utility.

You also have more flexibility with your dining and living spaces. For example, you can rearrange furniture to accommodate more guests or set up a buffet in the kitchen rather than overcrowding the dining room table.

Balance Socialization and Food Preparation

One of the best advantages of an open-concept kitchen is being able to socialize while you prepare food. A closed kitchen can make cooks feel isolated, as they can’t participate in conversations or even hear what’s happening in the other room. When the walls come down, everyone can see and hear one another, allowing inclusive discussions. Guests may also feel more comfortable hanging out in the kitchen, as they won’t feel like they’re intruding in an off-limits space or cutting themselves off from the party.

This effect also applies to parents and children. Cooking takes focus, and lack of attention can cause safety issues:

  • Burns from boiling water
  • Cuts from chopping vegetables
  • Fires from grease

At the same time, young children require supervision. Keeping your kids in a closed kitchen can also cause issues since they may get into things they shouldn’t. From your children’s perspective, being stuck in the kitchen for an hour can be boring, especially if the TV or toys are in another room.

An open-concept kitchen lets you keep an eye on kids while they play in the living or dining room. They have more space to play, and you’re better equipped to balance your attention between meal preparation and childcare.

Creating your perfect kitchen takes expertise. Fortunately, you can find top-quality remodelling services at Handyman Connection. We work closely with homeowners to turn your dream designs into reality. Since we offer various services, like plumbing, electrical and flooring installation, you don’t have to waste time calling different companies. Instead, you get one cohesive plan and a single point of contact, making communication easy. If you’re ready for a quote, give us a call or visit us online.

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