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We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it. We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it.

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Storage  /  May 31, 2023

Regina Handyman: 2023 Storage Solution Trends for Kitchens!

2023 Storage Solution Trends for Kitchens!

If there’s one thing almost every homeowner could use, it’s more kitchen storage. Whether you buy grocery products in bulk to save money or are a cooking aficionado who’s always splurging on a new pan or gadget, there never seems to be enough room for everything you need on hand for meal prep.

While increasing your kitchen footprint is an option when you’ve got the budget and the room to expand, simpler fixes can be found by tapping today’s hot storage trends. Here are 2023’s top options for making better use of your available space, as well as how to find an expert in storage solutions in Regina to add more useable room to your kitchen.

Streamline Cabinetry By Going Handle-free

Clean lines on a sports car or a well-tailored suit are timeless symbols of simplicity. The same concept applies in your kitchen, where swapping out your cupboards and drawers for hardware-free cabinetry minimizes clutter and increases your ability to move freely around the room.

Because of their simpler appearance, it’s easy to add all the handle-free cabinetry you need to your kitchen without making the space appear too busy. You can even choose deeper models to maximize storage since you won’t have to worry about bumping into or snagging clothing on obtrusive handles.

Use Empty Corners for Shelving

When you’ve got a corner without mounted cabinetry in your kitchen, you may have thought you could only use this area to display artwork or other decorator items. Yet even if the empty space where your walls join is awkwardly shaped, it’s simple to increase kitchen storage in these tricky spots.

While corner cabinets are often difficult to reach into, open shelving provides easy access to whatever it holds. Whether you opt for floating or bracketed shelves, wrapping two or three around your corner joints gives you more places to house everything from your everyday dishes to showcase items like your treasured cookbooks or copper pans.

Go Vertical

Making use of every bit of your kitchen’s open areas is the best way to optimize storage, so including ceiling-mounted fixtures is a smart way to take advantage of empty vertical space. Essential items are still within reach when you turn to high-hanging solutions.

Pot racks are classic examples of using your overhead kitchen area to its fullest. Sliding or fixed hooks make it a breeze to reach up and grab the exact pot or pan you need; no more shuffling around stacked cookware that’s been precariously shoved into cabinets and drawers. Everyday utensils like whisks, spatulas, and strainers can also be hung from your pot rack, minimizing drawer or countertop clutter.

Other options for overhead storage include hanging baskets to hold fruits and vegetables, kitchen linens, or potted herbs. Even ceiling-mounted shelves, like what you might use in your garage, make great additions when you’ve got overhead room to spare.

Jump on These Storage Trends With Handyman Connection

Now that you’ve gotten some great ideas about improving storage in your kitchen, it’s time to get your transformation underway. Start by reaching out to Handyman Connection to get in touch with the perfect professional to handle your project.

Our experts in home renovations in Regina are ready to help you with everything from replacing old cabinetry to making every nook and cranny in your kitchen useful. Whatever your needs, when it comes to repair, renovation, or remodelling work at your home or business, Handyman Connection is there to help you find the right person for the project. Call us today, and then get ready to enjoy having more storage in your Regina kitchen!

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