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Storage  /  September 14, 2022

Why Add Built-in Bookshelves?

Why build built-in shelves

Storage solutions in Ottawa may be sought for items such as books and knickknacks. Shelving is a good way to display items that are decorative or personal and to store books in a way that makes them easily accessible. There are two basic types of bookshelves: freestanding and built-in. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but here are some reasons to consider built-in bookshelves and how you can make use of them.

What Are Built-in Bookshelves?

The term “built-ins” is used more generally to refer to any sort of storage area that is an inextricable part of the home’s interior. Closets are examples of built-ins, and there are also built-in drawers. Bookshelves are an example of a built-in that allows you to put items on display rather than hiding them from view.

What Are Some Benefits of Built-in Bookshelves?

Built-in bookshelves have many advantages. Here are a few examples of the ways they can benefit you:

  • Custom Storage Solutions: If you have items that are odd sizes, you can have built-in bookshelves made to accommodate them.
  • Versatility: Similarly, if you have a room that is an odd shape, you can design a built-in bookshelf to fit in a space that a premade freestanding one would not, such as under a low or slanted ceiling.
  • Efficiency: Built-in bookshelves help you to save space in small living quarters.
  • Personality: Because built-in bookshelves are customizable, you can tailor them to fit your unique style.

Built-in bookshelves can also benefit you if you intend to sell your home at some point. Storage space is something that homebuyers often seek specifically in potential homes yet do not always find sufficient. In addition to meeting practical storage needs, built-in bookshelves can add character to a home that appeals to potential buyers.

What Can You Use Built-in Bookshelves For?

Built-in bookshelves can serve many different purposes beyond just storing books or knickknacks. In a kitchen, they can serve as a pantry for storing food and ingredients. Some people build an entertainment center that incorporates built-in shelving for the storage of multimedia, e.g., CDs, DVDs, and video games. Even if you have largely switched to streaming, you may still have a collection of older media.

Tabletop games can take up a lot of room. Built-in bookshelves can provide you with a place to store them as well as to locate them quickly.

You can also integrate built-in bookshelves into an area devoted to reading. For example, combine them with a bench and you have a cozy reading nook.

What Are Some Examples of Places Where You Can Install Built-in Bookshelves?

One of the benefits of built-in bookshelves is that you can install them where a freestanding unit may not fit. Nevertheless, you still have to make sure that there is enough space for the shelving and that it makes sense for the overall design scheme. With that said, one of the many benefits of built-in bookshelves is that they can provide use for space that might otherwise go to waste. For example, you could have built-in bookshelves installed in one wall of a hallway if it is wide enough, and this would allow you to get more use out of a space that is typically only used for transit. 

Another good spot for a built-in bookshelf may be an under-stairs space, a tricky area to use effectively because it is both small and oddly shaped. If you have an existing storage space for which you do not have much use, such as a closet, converting it into a built-in bookshelf may add some visual interest to the room.

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