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Storage  /  January 31, 2022

Storage Solutions for Homes in Ottawa With Too Much Stuff

Ottawa storage solutions

If you own a lot of belongings or live in a small apartment or house, you might struggle with finding enough space to keep all of your items. Fortunately, there are some simple storage solutions in Ottawa that you can implement to make your home look more organized and spacious. Some fixes are more permanent than others, so think carefully about how you will use each storage solution. Here are some ways to create more storage space for your home if you have too many belongings.

Utilize the Space Under Your Bed

The space under your bed can be a good place to keep items out of sight and off of the floor where people can trip on them. Underneath the bed is an excellent place to keep toys, books, puzzles, shoes, and other miscellaneous goods. One thing you can do to help use this space is purchase storage containers that fit under the bed. This way, you can organize your items by the colour of the containers or by labelling the containers. Bags that allow you to vacuum-pack clothes also save space and easily fit under the bed.

If you decide that you like storing items under your bed, you might consider contacting a service that does carpentry, such as our home renovations in Ottawa service, to have someone build custom drawers that go under the bed. These drawers may be wooden and can give your bedroom a sleek, upscale feel.

Install Cabinets Behind Your Doors

Like drawers under the bed, a cabinet that is situated behind a door can also be an excellent location to place items that you want out of sight but still easily accessible. These cabinets can act as additional pantry space or a location to store spices and canned goods if your kitchen does not have a pantry at all. Cabinets behind a bathroom door can hold small towels and toiletries. If you need to make room on your sink countertop quickly, for example, you can simply move what is on the sink to the cabinet. These are more permanent solutions than many simple storage solutions, so shop around to make sure you get the right style and size cabinet for your needs.

Consider Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a way to increase storage space along your walls that both look nice and do not sacrifice space on the floor underneath. Books are common items to place on floating shelves, as are plants and other decorative knick-knacks. It is usually best to hire a professional to install floating shelves since they go directly onto your walls.

Put Up Pegboards

If you are running low on counter, cabinet, or shelving space, a simple and affordable solution is to install a pegboard on the wall. Pegboards can be made from metal, wood, or other materials and consist of holes where you can hang pots and pans, coffee mugs, tools, and other items of various sizes. Pegboards come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, making them a versatile storage solution for kitchens, garages, and sheds.

Use Rolling Carts

The main advantage of using rolling carts for storage is that you can easily transport your items from one room to another. Some things that are useful to store in rolling carts include arts and crafts supplies or tools that you might want to transfer back and forth between the garage and other rooms.

Contact Handyman Connection if you are thinking about having new shelves, drawers, or cabinets installed to assist you with increasing storage space in your home. Our professionals provide services such as carpentry, painting, and more to help you make the most efficient use of your living space.

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