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Storage  /  November 30, 2022

Ottawa Storage Solutions: Preparing Items for Winter Storage in 4 Steps

Preparing items for winter storage

Many outdoor home items require proper storage to survive the winter without sustaining damage. Unfortunately, many homeowners might find they have limited storage solutions in Ottawa; however, with adequate planning, professional contractors can often improve the storage capacity of an average home.

Even if a house can hold all the necessary winter-stored items, homeowners must take precautions to protect the items. Also, it is often required to disburse with unused or rarely used items to help save essential storage space. Many storage solution experts suggest homeowners take a four-step approach to packing and assessing items for winter storage.

1. Clean the Items

It is tempting to pack items away as quickly as possible. Some property owners seem especially opposed to cleaning items before storing them, taking the clean-it-in-the-spring approach.

Cleaning items before storing them is necessary. Sure, it takes more up-front effort, but it makes it easier in the spring and is good for the items.

Storing dirty things is a surefire way to incur damage and degradation. Also, putting wet and dirty stuff in storage can cause mould and mildew, which can spread rapidly.

It is best to clean everything thoroughly before packing it away for the winter. Homeowners should use proper cleaners and ensure everything is dry before putting it away.

2. Protect the Items

Many people make the mistake of storing items outside. While some pieces can handle the temperature shifts, snow loads, and wetness of the winter, others cannot. Owners must read care instructions before making any storage decisions.

Also, property owners should not assume that indoor storage does not require protective coverings. Stored items are susceptible to dings and dents, and dust build-up can cause staining or make cleaning difficult in the spring.

Custom storage cabinets can help protect smaller items, but owners must still follow fundamental protocols when storing items. For example, homeowners should always keep the heaviest things in the lowest positions. They should also avoid stacking heavy objects on top of lighter weight or more fragile pieces.

3. Plan Storage Location

Not everyone will have room to store outdoor items indoors. If pieces require indoor protection during the winter, homeowners must consider the pros and cons of renting a temporary storage unit.

A storage facility offers security for items but comes at a price. Many people cannot afford the fees for the units. However, if a homeowner knows the cost is temporary, it is possible to budget throughout the year to make costs more manageable.

Storing at home is the best option, but homeowners need to find adequate space. Most people will use garages, which is fine if they do not intend to park their cars indoors. Basements and sheds can also work as temporary storage locations, but some need modification for adequate storage. Professional contractors can help homeowners make the most of their space with custom shelving or outbuilding construction.

4. Declutter Before Storing

Before homeowners store items, they should consider what is worth keeping. Things that go unused for a season or two might be worth eliminating from storage.

Some pieces hold value, so a homeowner might want to have an end-of-season garage sale. Worn-out pieces with no retained value are trash.

If people want to get rid of pieces but don’t want to have a sale, they can donate gently used items. Many families could use affordable or donated pieces.

The point of decluttering is to maximize the storage area of a home. Homeowners that struggle to make the most of their space should consult with an organization specialist or contractor.

Sometimes the best way to create more storage space is with home renovations in Ottawa. Contact the experts at Handyman Connection to learn more.

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