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Painting  /  March 16, 2022

Ottawa Painting Services: 4 Bathroom Accent Wall Ideas

4 bathroom wall accent ideas

The bathroom can be a utilitarian space, but it doesn’t have to be stark and bland. It is also one of your most personal spaces, which means it should be a reflection of you and make you feel comfortable during the time you spend there. An accent wall can help to bring your home decor a sense of excitement and add decorative flair to a bland room. It can draw the eye to a particular part of the room. For these reasons, it can make particular sense in a bathroom, and painting services in Ottawa can help make it happen.

If you’re interested in a bathroom accent wall and looking for different options, here are a few to consider.

1. Colour Pop

The colour scheme in bathrooms usually tends toward neutral shades. Therefore, one way to make a bold statement in a bathroom is to choose a pop of colour for the accent wall. This is more effective if the colour is something bright and unexpected. It adds a sense of fun and can add more personality to the space within the bathroom.

Obviously, this type of accent wall is not going to be effective unless you put it somewhere that people can see it. Therefore, you might want to choose a prominent location, such as behind the vanity, for your accent wall. However, if your shower surround is made of glass walls, you can choose the back of the shower for your accent wall because it will be visible through the transparent structure.

2. White and Grey

If the bold pop of colour is not your style, you can still make a strong statement with an accent wall without moving away from the overall neutral colour scheme. For example, you can use different shades of neutral colours, such as grey and white, for an accent wall that is more subtle but no less impactful. You can use tile in different shapes and patterns to create the desired visual contrast with the rest of the room.

3. Floral Focal Point

Accent walls usually focus on different colours or designs. However, you can take it a step further and create a whole picture on one of your bathroom walls as a mural. Rather than choosing an abstract design, as many accent walls are, it should be something simple and easily recognizable, and instead of a repeating pattern, the composition of the picture should be seemingly at random. Flowers have associations with water and with renewal, so a floral still life is appropriate for an accent wall mural. If the rest of the room is decorated in white, the colourful mural can really draw attention.

4. Natural Warmth

Some people like the uncluttered, calming influence of white in the bathroom. However, you do not have to sacrifice this effect when you add an accent wall in the bathroom. For example, a white bathroom is clean and uncomplicated but can feel a little bland and cold. You can counteract this effect by adding an accent wall of off-white that tends toward the warmer side of the spectrum. Choosing a distinctive pattern of tiles or brushstrokes adds the visual interest that you desire, and the slight tint adds warmth without going so far as to introduce another colour into the neutral space. The natural look you want to accomplish can be enhanced with vanity and flooring that is either made of natural wood or strongly resembles it.

Let Painting Services in Ottawa Help You Turn Your Bathroom Into a Unique Space

The effect of a bathroom accent wall may be subtle or dramatic, but it is always unique. Painting services from Handyman Connection help you make a positive impact with accent walls in any room of the house. Contact us for an estimate.

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