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We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it. We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it.

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Maintenance  /  September 27, 2022

5 Home Improvement Tasks to Hire a Handyman in Ottawa To Do

5 home improvement tips

Homeowners are well aware of the fact that residential properties need a lot of maintenance — and that the house-related chore list will change throughout the year. If you’re looking at the upcoming season with dread, it may be because of all the home tasks you’re unprepared to take on.

Did you know that you can hire a handyman for most, if not all, of these home maintenance chores? Consider the following list and get in touch with Handyman Connection for help.

5 Home Improvement Tasks You Need a Handyman For

Perhaps you dread cleaning your gutters, or maybe you don’t feel steady on a ladder. We can help with this seasonal task as well as many others. The following are five types of jobs and repair services in Ottawa that we complete on a regular basis.

1. Repairing the Fencing

Wooden fencing can be damaged by rain, snow, and even the heat of the sun during the hot summer. If your fence is warped or has existing damage, it should be repaired sooner rather than later so that it doesn’t get worse. Fixing and maintaining wooden fences is one of our specialties at Handyman Connection.

2. Cleaning the Gutters

The gutters should normally be cleaned twice a year — in the spring and the fall — to ensure that there’s a clear path for water to run off your roof. This is a tiring, annoying job for many, but it’s necessary to ensure the health of your house. If the gutters get clogged, this can spell trouble for your roof as well as your gutters. If you don’t feel secure on a ladder or you haven’t found anyone else to do this job to your satisfaction, we can take care of this chore so that you don’t have to!

3. Installing Smart Devices

Have you always wanted a smart doorbell or security camera? We can install smart devices to make your home a more enjoyable, hands-off place to live. Consider a doorbell, thermostat, security camera, or smart window blinds to start. We can discuss other options and fit your home for exactly what it needs without breaking your budget.

4. Maintaining the Windows

You should get in the habit of inspecting your windows for cracks, sealing problems, and drafts in the winter. Did you know that the windows are responsible for a large part of your heating and cooling bills? We can install weatherstripping, crown moulding, or even new windows if your old models are cracked, outdated, or simply not working for your home anymore.

5. Recaulking the Tub

Caulk in the bathroom is a tricky subject: It looks simple, but it’s not so easy to do by yourself. It’s a good idea to replace the caulk every few years to ensure that it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing. It serves an important purpose in that it keeps water in the bathroom from damaging your paint, wallpaper, and drywall. If it’s cracked or mildewed, it’s time to replace it. We can remove your old caulk, replace it with an appropriate substitute (you shouldn’t use latex caulk in this area as it may not be waterproof enough to do the job), and clean up the mess.

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