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Plumbing  /  March 23, 2022

3 Signs Your Toilet Needs Repairs In Ottawa

Signs you toilet needs repairs

Most of the components of your plumbing system are pipes that are hidden behind walls or in cabinets under the sink. Toilets are one of the most visible parts of the system, but it is easy to take them for granted unless they are malfunctioning. Because a broken toilet can be such a serious inconvenience, it is a good idea to be alert to early signs that your toilet may be in need of repair and call plumbing services in Ottawa right away to have it fixed. If you don’t know what, specifically, to look for, here are some common signs.

1. Clogging Constantly

While inconvenient for you, it is normal for toilets to clog up once in a while. These minor, occasional clogs typically only require a plunger to correct. However, if your toilet has a more severe blockage or a faulty part, it may clog up more often. The clogs may also be more difficult to clear. If you notice your toilet becoming clogged more than once a week, you should call plumbing services in Ottawa to assess the issue.

2. Leaking

A leaking toilet can be obvious or it may be subtle, but it is a serious problem in either case and needs to be resolved immediately. Toilet leaks have many possible causes. A porcelain crack could result if something heavy falls on top of it. A broken seal can cause water to puddle up around the base of the toilet. It may require a professional to diagnose the problem and determine the necessary repair. If you guess at the problem, your repair attempts may not resolve it, and you may waste time and money in the process.

3. Gurgling Noises

Decomposition of the waste in drain water produces sewer gases. Drain vents are fixtures that allow the sewer gases to escape the house to the outside. When these are clogged, the gases have nowhere to go. They take whatever other path is available to them, which may be the drains of nearby sinks and showers. If you hear a noise coming from these drains when you flush the toilet that sounds like suctioning or has a gurgling quality to it, it is a sign that your toilet is in need of repair. If you hear gurgling noises from these fixtures at times other than when you have flushed the toilet, it could be that you need plumbing repairs that do not involve the toilet.

4. Flushing Inadequacies

When you pull down the handle on your toilet, the flow of water into the bowl may be too weak to remove the waste, or there may be no reaction at all. Flushing multiple times to clear the toilet bowl is a waste of water and unlikely to resolve the underlying problem. Causes of faulty flushing may include low water pressure, clogged water jets, or an issue with the flushing mechanism itself.

5. Running Constantly

Perhaps the problem is not that your toilet does not flush properly. Perhaps it is that, once your toilet has been flushed, it never stops running. This is a huge waste of water and can also be annoying if you are sensitive to sound, as the noise of the water running can be loud in addition to incessant. Most often, the problem with a running toilet is the flapper, which can be replaced by a layperson cheaply and easily in most cases. However, the problem may also be with the fill valve. While replacing a fill valve can be performed by a layperson, it is more complicated than replacing the flapper. It is a good idea to hire a professional to make sure the job is done correctly.

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