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Handyman Connection of Mountain View is committed to providing the highest quality services to our customers. We know that our customers have a choice, and we are grateful for your continued partnership.

For the past several years, Handyman Connection of Mountain View has been absorbing processing and transaction fees related to payments made by credit card. Unfortunately, our costs for credit card acceptance have continued to rise. Credit card rates have continued to skyrocket over the last few years, and more and more credit cards are run with the card not present (phone transactions, etc.). “Card not present” transactions also increase the rate we are charged. The use of credit cards to pay bills has also increased significantly.

Effective April 1, 2023, we will begin adding a 3% convenience fee for all credit card payments. The fee with be added to payments made with Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover to offset the fees charged by the card companies. In accordance with credit card network rules, Handyman Connection of Mountain View cannot profit from this fee, and it does not exceed our expenses associated with accepting credit card payments.

Payments made by check, electronic payment (ACH/EFT), wire, or debit card will not be charged the convenience fee.

We thank you for your understanding as we implement this fee and offset some of the increased inflationary costs we are all incurring. We are happy to work with you on alternate payment options.


George Brisker
Handyman Connection of Mountain View

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Decks  /  March 15, 2021

Deck Installation: Create Your Dream Deck with These Tips

Professional Deck Installation Tips: Create Your Dream Deck with These Tips in Mountain View, CA & Surrounding Areas

Adding a new or improved deck to your backyard opens up numerous possibilities of how you can use the space. Have you been wanting a perfect location to set up your grill or sit by that pool you are planning to install? Keep on reading to see how to create your dream deck with these deck installation tips.


Ask yourself how you want your deck to be used. Do you want a space to set up a canopy and your patio furniture for an evening get together? How about an outdoor kitchen, or a poolside opening? Depending on your needs, your deck will need to be planned alongside the electrical, plumbing, and more amenities involved.


All decks come with the customizable options of stairs, railing, posts, and more. Your deck installation will need to have posts spaced every few feet and at corners for the stability, and to put up railing. Railing is generally three-feet high, so it acts as a safety feature and a decoration. Your stairs will be built on a concrete pad to prevent sinking and warping.


You can get creative with the colors, materials, and stains used on your decks to create the vibe and overall look your desire. Think of the details. For example, your posts will need post caps to keep any moisture, rain, or snow, from seeping into the wood. Post caps can be decorative from different shapes and colors. If you have a wood deck, staining it gives a variety of tones to choose from, and it is colors galore with options such as vinyl or plastic deck installation.


You can choose from materials such as wood that needs staining and sealing, plastic or vinyl that have no maintenance required but can be damaged in extreme heat and weather, and then composite materials that are a mix of plastic, wood, and glue. The choice of materials depends on your location and intended use of the deck.

Make your deck a reality with the help of our handymen’s tips. Search for the handymen for you and see how you would like your deck to improve the value, comfort, and enjoyment of your home. With this advice, deck installation will feel more possible and will become a great addition to your home.

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