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There are few things better than living in a house you love. If your kitchen, bathroom, basement or patio is not exactly how you want it to be, it may be time to tackle a remodelling project. Not only does upgrading your home make it more comfortable for you, but it may also increase its value. Regardless of your home goals, Handyman Connection offers the remodelling services in Kelowna you need to achieve them. 

Common Kitchen Renovations

If you are like many residents of Kelowna, your kitchen is the social center of your home. Still, a crowded layout, outdated tile or damaged appliances may make you want to spend as little time as possible in your kitchen. When it comes to kitchen renovations, the sky’s the limit. Here are some common ways to upgrade your space:

  • Replace outdated or damaged backsplashes: If your kitchen’s backsplashes are not looking their best, replacing them with a modern material or different colours may change the entire feel of your kitchen
  • Install new countertops: Whether you love to cook or prefer ready-made meals, you need good kitchen countertops. Installing tile, marble, granite, laminate or another material may make your kitchen more functional. 
  • Upgrade flooring: Because your kitchen is a high-traffic area, its floors may be showing signs of wear and tear. Upgrading flooring materials or refinishing existing floors may make your kitchen more inviting. 
  • Change sinks and faucets: Sinks and faucets have come a long way in recent years. Simply changing your existing sinks and faucets may improve the overall appearance of your kitchen. 
  • Replace appliances: Appliances tend to wear out over time, potentially costing you more for utility services. If you have old, damaged or inefficient appliances, replacing them with modern ones may save you money. 
  • Modify layout: If your kitchen lacks storage, has awkward walls or just does not flow well, modifying the layout may make sense. An improved layout may allow you and your family to better use your kitchen. 

Popular Bathroom Renovations 

Along with remodelling your kitchen, you may want to turn your bathroom into the room of your dreams. The following bathroom renovations are popular with Kelowna homeowners:

  • New shower, bathtub, toilet or sink
  • New vanity 
  • New tile
  • New flooring or grout
  • New light fixtures or faucets
  • New shower door 

Our Remodeling Services in Kelowna 

Here at Handyman Connection of Kelowna, we offer a variety of remodelling services. In fact, our experienced craftsmen specialize in many home renovations, including the following:

  • Complete kitchen, bathroom, basement and patio remodel
  • Drywall installation and repair 
  • Tile and grout installation and cleaning
  • Appliance and fixture replacement 
  • Flooring installation and refinishing
  • Patio construction and refurbishment

The Results You Expect

Undertaking even a minor home remodelling project can seem daunting. After all, you may be uncertain about your goals. Handyman Connection can help you through all phases of the planning and remodelling process. Throughout your remodel, we also explain our efforts, pricing and schedule. As always, we back up our workmanship and customer service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Are you ready to make the most of your small kitchen? Are you tired of using an outdated bathroom? Do you have big dreams for your basement or backyard? At Handyman Connection, we are ready to make your dreams come true. Call us or use our online contact form to schedule your free estimation and consultation today. 

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