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Storage  /  December 23, 2021

Tips On How To Store Children’s Toys and Save Space In Kelowna

children's toys storage ideas

Keeping a clean house is nothing short of an impossible feat when your kids’ toys pile up holiday after holiday. The stress of having packed full closets and scrambling to clear the floor of stuffed animals, toy cars, and plastic building bricks isn’t ideal. Even if your kids pick up, storage space can present an obstacle for organizational purposes. Learn how to keep toys in order and save space simultaneously with storage solutions in Kelowna.

Woven Baskets

Tall, woven baskets are an easy and stylish fix for cluttered toys. If you think that you have too many toys in your house for one woven basket to solve the problem, you’re not alone. Many woven baskets can fill unused space in the corners of different rooms and help tidy common areas in your home.

Rather than trust that the toys will make it back to the playroom right away, you can help kids gather all the toys into one localized place by providing a basket for storage and carrying. If you have more than one child, have each of your children pick a colour and have coordinating woven baskets that complement your style to help keep their toys while saving floor space.

Shoe Racks

Shoe racks are an excellent and inexpensive way to display your child’s favourite toys while saving space, and this organizational tool is a godsend. If your child is just learning letters, the shoe rack organizational method is also a great tool to help identify sight words.

Purchase the over-the-door hanging shoe racks for this storage method. If you want to display your child’s favourite toys, hang the rack on the front of the door with the pockets facing out. If you are less inclined to that kind of aesthetic, you can also turn it on the back of the door as it is often used to store shoes.

The clear pockets are great for storing toys so that your child can decide which playthings they want to bring out and where they are meant to be returned to when the play session is over. Toys in a gallery format also make a great pretend audience. Labelling makes organization easy, and going vertical on the door saves floor space.

Storage Cubbies

The space behind your couch may not have a purposeful designated use. Perhaps, you have a sofa table that holds a remote and a decorative bowl of faux fruit. Alternately, maybe your sofa backs up to a bench that provides seating for children when they take off their shoes when entering the home. Repurposing the space behind your couch for a more meaningful job is a smart way to save space and create a storage solution.

The professionals at Handyman Connection in Kelowna can work with you to build and install cubbies that fit perfectly behind your couch for additional storage. Installing a cubby is one of the most straightforward home renovations in Kelowna. Storage cubbies can be made to space with the materials and the measurements your need.

Storage cubbies are ideal because they are low profile and often hidden by the couch and the people sitting in the room. Your kids, however, will know that toys can easily be retrieved and returned to the storage cubby at any given time.

Professional Solutions

Handyman Connection can also work with you to provide additional custom storage solutions that might better serve your unique needs. Shelving, drawers, and other storage options can also help clear the way for you and your guests to make way through your home without messy obstacles.

To learn more about how to add storage to your home and keep toys organized and out of sight, contact Handyman Connection in Kelowna today.

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