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Storage  /  February 28, 2022

Kelowna Home Repairs: 4 Storage Solutions For a Small Kitchen

storage solutions for small kitchen

If your home has a small kitchen, storage may be one of your biggest headaches. Cooking, preparing food, eating and entertaining can be a struggle in a tiny kitchen, especially if you have a family and a lot of dishes, pots, pans and dry ingredients. Let the Handyman Connection help with finding creative and smart storage solutions in Kelowna for your kitchen. Here are four potential ways to get more storage in your kitchen.

1. Under the Sink Storage

Your first spot for potential storage is under the kitchen sink. Some kitchens use this space ineffectively and let supplies and grocery bags pile up inside. Instead of letting this space be a disorganized mess, use plastic storage bins to make more room and get the most out of the cabinet space.

You can add a set of clear plastic storage bins inside for storing cleaning supplies, sponges, dishwashing solutions and other essentials. You can also hang additional storage options from inside of the sink cabinet’s doors to hold other items, such as grocery bags. This will allow the area to be more organized and easier to manage.

2. Pantry Basket Options

If your kitchen has a pantry, you want to make sure you keep it as organized as possible so you can store all of your dry ingredients and non-perishables. One way to organize your pantry and give it a storage upgrade is to put baskets inside of it to separate items and keep them organized.

You can also work with our carpentry services if you don’t have a pantry and want to build one in your kitchen. A pantry can make a smaller kitchen feel more functional and open up the cabinet spaces for other items instead of dry goods and ingredients.

3. Hanging Storage Overhead

Another creative storage solution may be above you. The ceiling space above your kitchen workspace, sink or cabinets may be able to be turned into a storage area. We can install heavy-duty hooks or a stylish pot rack so you can free up the rest of your cabinet space.

A hanging rack can handle most of your pots and pans if you use sturdy S-hooks to organize everything. The top of the rack can also be used for additional storage for bigger items, such as mixing bowls or small countertop appliances.

4. Using Cabinet Space Efficiently

The last way to get more storage out of your kitchen is to revisit your cabinet layout and think of better ways to use the space. Our team can help you maximize your cabinet space by adding wire storage racks behind cabinet doors for small utensils and other items. We can also help you organize your corner cabinets so you can fit more items inside and easily find them.

In some cases, it may make sense for an open cabinet shelving system. Our contractors can add more shelving to your walls or convert your standard cabinets to an open system so all of your kitchen supplies have a place.

Storage Solutions in Kelowna That Work for Your Home

Storage is a constant issue, especially in a smaller home. If you are frustrated with the lack of available space in your kitchen or any other part of your home, you don’t always need a bigger space. We can find the storage in your home and help you get more organized and get more usable living space in your favourite rooms.

Handyman Connection can be your guide to using your kitchen more efficiently with unique storage ideas. If you still aren’t sure if your kitchen is capable of handling your daily cooking and gathering needs, talk to us about a potential remodelling job.

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