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Carpentry  /  December 17, 2021

What Size Pet Door Should You Install In Vaughan?

pet door size to choose

Pets are an integral part of many families lives, and people often view their dogs and cats as family members. As with any family member, the happiness of a pet is paramount to the entire group, which is why many owners install pet doors, allowing their animals a bit of outdoor freedom. However, not all pet doors are DIY-friendly and may require the help of an experienced carpenter in Vaughan.

Understanding Sizing: Pet Opening, Rough Opening, and Frame Size

One of the benefits of using professional construction or repair services in Vaughan is the workers understand the multiple measurements provided by a pet door manufacturer. While many homeowners believe that finding the right door is only a matter of looking at the recommended sizes for a specific breed, that is not enough.

Pet doors will include measurements for the rough opening, frame size, and pet opening. The rough opening is the approximate size of the hole needed to install the door. The frame size is the full height and width of the device, and the pet opening — typically the tiniest opening — is the measurement of the actual opening to fit your dog or cat.

Finding the Right Size for Your Pet

Every pet is different, even within similar breeds. It is not enough to look at a breed recommendation and use that door. You will want to measure your pet to make sure that the pet opening is wide and tall enough for it to fit through.

Additionally, when placing the door, make sure to mount it at an appropriate height. You do not want your dog to bend down, jump, crouch, or climb to get through the door. The animal should be able to walk straight through without hesitation. If your pet is forced to squeeze through the door or make special adjustments to get through it, the animal might injure itself.

Using a Cardboard Cutout

An excellent way to test whether you are going to purchase the correct size opening for your pet is to use a cardboard cutout. Cut the cardboard, so the opening is equal to the provided measurements of the door you’re looking into.

Hold the cardboard in place against a doorway and call your dog or other pet to come. See how easily they can walk through the opening. If your pet maneuvers easily through the cutout, you likely have the correct size.

You can try using a cutout in various sizes to find the best option for your animals. Sometimes, despite the urge to purchase the largest door, it is too big for your general needs, and it might even complicate the installation.

Aside from complicating the installation, a door that is too large can create problems for small animals. Because of where the door needs to be mounted, it can be challenging for smaller pets to use it, often having to hop through.

Mounting the Door

When it comes to mounting the pet door, it is best to hire a professional. Mounting a pet door, whether wall or door mounted, requires cutting through structure and varying materials. Sometimes, with wall-mounted options, wires might pass through the area you need to cut. Working with a contractor ensures the safety of you, your family, and your pets.

Do not risk your safety to install a pet door on your own. Contact a carpenter with Handyman Connection and schedule an in-person meeting to discuss the specifics of the project and to determine the best path forward. A construction specialist can help you identify the right pet door for your needs and have your pets enjoying the outdoors within a couple of days.

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