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Painting  /  May 25, 2022

The Latest Wallpaper and Paint Trends

Paint and wallpaper trends of 2022

Painting or putting up new wallpaper in a room is an easy, relatively inexpensive way to completely change the feel of a room. Whether you are thinking about refreshing the look of your home or place of business, painting services in Vaughan can assist you. It is easy for an inexperienced homeowner to make mistakes during renovations, but painting professionals can do everything from preparing the walls for the new paint or wallpaper to cleaning the mess up afterward. Here are some of the latest and most exciting wallpaper and paint trends for 2022. 

New Shades of Colour 

Popular hues often tell a story about the time in which they became more prominent. For example, in years when there is a large amount of bad news, such as in the case of an economic downturn, people might decorate using either uplifting shades such as yellow or calming colours such as cream. The reason for this is that the colours in your surroundings can significantly impact your mood. Popular colour choices are also influenced by current pop culture and technology trends. 

In 2022, olive is slated to become one of the most popular colours for rooms. This greenish hue with hints of grey gives suggests elements of health and renewal. Olive looks excellent when painted on wooden materials. If you choose olive for your paint or wallpaper, style the room in either grey and black tones or pastels, two colour schemes that go particularly well with olive. 

Creamy white shades are also trending in 2022. These soothing and versatile shades work in nearly every room, particularly bedrooms and living rooms. Give this colour some consideration if you are looking to give a room a more vintage or rustic look. 

Lastly, periwinkle is a more unusual hue that 2022 should see quite a bit. This bright, purple-adjacent tone inspires creativity and joy, which is a typical trend in the years that follow a discouraging time period. Regardless of which colour you choose for your paint or wallpaper, a home improvement specialist can ensure that the decoration process goes smoothly. 

Floral and Rustic Flair

Large, bold floral designs are a top trend for wall decorations in 2022, bringing back a style commonly associated with older homes. Floral wallpaper comes in a wide variety of prints, making it easy for someone to select a design that looks good to them and will look nice in their home, office or place of business.

Florals fit well with the concept of maximalism, which is also currently trending in the realm of home decor. It is especially important that wallpaper with bold designs be properly installed since a poor placement job can significantly affect the flow of the room. It is advisable to initially use a particular pattern in a smaller space or on a smaller wall to ensure that you like the design. 

Another 2022 design trend is modern rustic, which combines outdoorsy aspects with the clean, monochromatic aspects of modern design. Some examples of wallpaper to use for this look include papers that have the appearance of a stone or wooden texture. As for paint, modern rustic uses an abundance of greys, creamy whites, dark blues, olive greens, and browns. Painting services in Vaughan can assist you with making a room look delightfully modern and rustic. 

Keeping indoor plants and flowers is another way to enhance a modern rustic space. This practice aligns with an additional 2022 trend, which is bringing items associated with the outdoors into the home. If you would like to bring any of these wallpaper and paint trends into your home, contact the professionals at Handyman Connection right away to get started.

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