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Electrical  /  September 8, 2022

Vaughan Electrician: 3 Reasons Circuit Breakers Trip

Why do circuit breakers trip

Modern electrical systems use circuit breakers to control and protect electrical circuits. According to an electrician in Vaughan, the breakers are switching devices that automatically cut the power to adversely affected circuits, protecting the rest of the system against power failure.

You can control the breakers manually, or the system can trip them automatically. Manually switching a breaker cuts the power to a specific area and allows you to install appliances or work on the circuit without the risk of shock. If the system experiences an excess current load, the breakers will trip. Experts explain that there are three instances when a breaker might automatically trip.

1. Overload

Breakers can only handle so much electricity at a time. If there is too much electrical demand on a circuit, it will trip. The problem will continue until you or a professional reduces the demand on the circuit.

People often trip a circuit because they attempt to use too much power at once. For example, if you are trying to run a dryer and a dishwasher on a 15 amp circuit, it will likely trip because the demand is greater than amperage.

If your breakers are often tripping, you need to redistribute the load. A professional electrician can help you figure out the best setup to maximize your breaker box.

2. Short Circuits

Short-circuiting is dangerous and might cause house fires. The problem occurs when a live wire contacts a neutral one, causing a fault. The breaker trips to prevent a fire.

Electrical repair services explain that a short circuit causes an override in electrical resistance, forcing too much current through the circuit and creating too much heat, triggering the switching mechanism in the breaker box. Dark colouration around the breaker or a subtle burning smell are powerful indicators that you are dealing with a short in the circuit.

3. Ground Fault Surges

A ground fault surge acts in much the same way as a short circuit. The incident occurs when a live wire touches a part of the metal outlet box or a copper ground wire. The surge produces excess electricity to flow through the circuit, tripping the breaker. You may notice a burning smell or discolouration around the outlet.

Short circuits and ground fault surges are dangerous issues that need professional help. An electrician will need to inspect the entire circuit to assess the damage the sudden burst of electricity caused. The whole circuit may need replacing if a surge or short is bad enough.

The beauty of circuit breaker boxes is the damage from one incident occurs in one circuit. The mechanisms switch off power to protect the rest of the box, which means you can save money on electrical repairs.

Electrical work is not DIY work. Too many homeowners turn to DIY techniques because they want to save some money, but more often than not, they cost themselves more.

The government regulates electrical work in residential and commercial properties. Attempting to perform upgrades or repairs on your system is potentially illegal and costly, not to mention dangerous.

Electricity is potentially a lethal medium. If you do not understand how currents work or how your home system is set up, you risk electrocution. Professional electricians can ensure your safety while repairing or installing electrical components.

While manufacturers design circuit breakers to trip, it should not happen too often. If your system frequently experiences overloads, short circuits, or surges, you must call a professional to inspect it.

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