Hello, my name is George Brisker.

Owner & General Manager

I am proud to operate Handyman Connection of Mountain View and improve lives of our customers. Our craftsmen bring years of experience in trades. Many have extensive backgrounds in construction, home repair, remodeling and other handyman services. Their goal is for Handyman Connection to provide its customers with excellent workmanship and superior customer service.


A Little Bit About Us

When it comes to your home improvement projects our craftsmen have the expertise to get the job done and done right. Each one of our craftsmen has years of experience and have all gone through a thorough background check. Handyman Connection of Mountain View's team of professionals is passionate about taking your home improvement dreams and making them a reality.


Our Members

Alisha Fussell

Alisha Fussell lived in San Jose area her whole life. She attended Oak Grove High School and DeAnza College. Her parents live in the area as well. Alisha likes living in the city but being a short drive away from the country, mountains, and the beach.

Alisha got into trades by doing a lot of DIY projects and made it her career when she started working for a handyman company run by her friend. She started working on flooring and painting projects and diversified into other trades.

The most Alisha likes about her work is the finished product and the look on the customers face when they love it. In her work, Alisha is proud how well she can install flooring and make hard cuts underneath door jambs and quickly cutting a perfect line for paining in pretty much any texture.

Outside work, Alisha likes motorcycle riding, dancing, water sports, and playing with her three kitties. Also Alisha enjoys a wide variety of music and used to give piano lessons.

Daniel Biondi

Daniel Biondi grew up in Sunnyvale, CA. His immediate family still lives in the area. Daniel attended school and made his own family here. He is a true South Bay Area citizen.

Daniel has always been good at fixing things which led him to becoming a handyman. He likes helping people and solving problems. He has done bathroom remodels, furniture building, light plumbing and electrical jobs, painting, and many other jobs. Also Daniel is excellent at automotive repair and, in general, mechanically inclined.

Daniel wants people to know that he is always there to help.

Daniel is most proud of the furniture he made which brings joy to his family.

In his free time, Daniel keep busy with golfing, wood working, and building model planes and trains.

David Martin

David Martin grew up in San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated from Lynbrook High School before venturing to UC Santa Barbara where he earned the BA degree in Business Economics.

David started in the trades early, encouraged by his father who noticed his enjoyment in fixing things. While in high school, university, and working; David continued practicing his trades craftsmanship, remodeling and fixing houses and rental properties. He is most proud of doing it right every time or not taking on the project at all.

David has joined Handyman Connection of Mountain View when he decided to go into trades as his primary occupation.

When not working, David likes spending time with his two great boys and going hunting and fishing.

Patrick Riesch

Patrick Riesch is a native Californian who lived all over the state from Anaheim to Palo Alto. He spent a few years in Kentucky and Oregon but has come back to the area.

Patrick got into the trades in 1976, right out of high school. He received his California General Building Contractor license in 1987 and run a successful construction company before moving out of state where he continued with the trades. Patrick has done everything from foundation to finish in both residential and commercial buildings.

Patrick is very proud of doing his jobs with utmost honesty and quality. He always looks forward to making his customers happy and making a house into a home.

Outside work, Patrick enjoys spending time with his large family. He has 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls. He likes outdoors activities like hiking and camping.

Brian Capps

Brian Capps was born and raised in the Bay Area. Brian and his family lived in St. George, Utah, for about 5 years and came back to the Bay Area to help parents. His family includes a lovely wife of 22 years, 3 boys, 2 dogs, and 2 cats.

Brian always liked making things with his hands and got into the trades when his dad started teaching him how to do contraction and remodeling. He also made cabinets for his friend’s cabinet shop. Brian also learned and spent about 20 years doing welding, anything from structural steel to wrought iron and all things in between. After his welding stint, Brian got back into construction trades. He is proud of making things look nice again.

During his professional career, Brian worked for multiple companies and ran his own business.

When not working, Brian enjoys camping, fishing, and re-building cars.

Stan Keller

Stanley (Stan) Keller has been working in different contraction trades since he was 13 years old. He started helping others with building and repairing various structures, from residential to commercial.

Over the years, Stan learned all construction trades and got his General Building Contractor in 1988.

Stan is a native Californian and went to school and college here. He is a proud father of 5 sons and a daughter. He loves music and plays brass instruments and sings. Although music has been a hobby, Stan played with such musicians as Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Johnny Carson Showband, San Francisco Opera, various local symphonies and many others.

Ricky Quan

Ricky Quan moved with his family to the Bay Area in 1987. He cherishes the Bay Area for the opportunity for success.

Ricky has started in the trades by helping his relatives and friends with the home repairs. He moved on to starting a handyman business helping other homeowners to solve their house problems before joining Handyman Connection to be best of the best handymen.

When not solving the problems, Ricky likes to relax in front of a TV.


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