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Home Maintenance  /  March 4, 2024

How Does Dirt Get Into My Gutters?

Homeowners of any vintage would already be aware of the things that cause gutter clogging: leaves, needles, debris, among others. Some of these are easy to keep out of the gutters — trees in the property can be trimmed to keep leaves away from the rooftop and gutter troughs. However, no matter how diligent one can be with gutter maintenance, dirt seems to always find its way in. In today’s post, Handyman Connection® of Mason takes a look at where dirt in the gutters come from.

Where Does Dirt Come From?

The dirt that ends up in the gutters are actually a combination of various particles, including dust, silt and even bits of debris. They accumulate in the gutters because they’re airborne fine particles, sometimes lifted across great distances. Your roof gets its fair share of dirt, but it gets washed off into the gutters during rainfall.

Problems Caused by Dirt in the Gutters

Dirt in the gutters contain particles that are so fine, they tend to accumulate in crevices and tight corners instead of getting carried by the rainwater runoff. Some particles, like silt and granules from asphalt shingles, are abrasive. This means they can gradually erode whatever protective coatings in the gutters, exposing the bare metal to rust. Metal particles mixed in with the dirt may also react with certain metals, resulting in galvanic corrosion, which makes aluminum and copper gutters vulnerable.

Dirt deposits can also bind larger particles, including leaves and twigs, and trap them in the gutter troughs. In addition to causing clogging and overflowing, they can weigh down the gutters and place strain on the gutter fasteners, which may lead to the gutters falling off the roof edge.

What Should You Do?

Regular gutter maintenance is the best way to make sure dirt does not accumulate in your gutters. If you perform annual visual inspections on your roof, make it a point to include the gutters, too. We also recommend having your gutters cleaned by professionals, and not just because it’s more convenient — it’s safer, you’ll get a more thorough cleaning and you’ll get better overall results.

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