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Hello, my name is Illean Durkin.

Our operators bring years of experience to Handyman Connection. Many have extensive backgrounds in construction, home repair, remodeling and other handyman services. Their goal is for Handyman Connection to provide its customers with excellent workmanship and superior customer service.

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We serve the following areas:
Hamilton, Fairfield, Middletown, Liberty Township, West Chester, Mason, and Kings Mills. Neighborhoods include Wetherington, Heritage Club, and Four Bridges.

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Scott horigan, I’m satisfied with the work and Scott has taught me a lot today

Chris YangMay 27, 2020

Rob was knowledgeable of my issue and provided efficient and professional service.

Jamie HMason, OHMay 27, 2020

Great experience, thanks

Suzanne WMason, OHMay 24, 2020

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FREE Project Consultations & Estimates!