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Painting  /  February 19, 2024

6 House Painting Rules Followed by the Pros

You’ve probably wondered how professional house painters deliver such perfect results every time. It may sound too simple, but it’s really just following a strict set of rules. In today’s post, Handyman Connection of Mason shares some of the common rules followed by pro house painters.

  1. Prepare the surfaces thoroughly. A great deal of preparation is needed if one expects consistent results in a house painting project. The surfaces to be painted need to be sanded and cleaned, holes and cracks need to be filled, moldings and similar parts need to be masked.
  2. Test the paints. This is an important step on exterior painting jobs because the color has to look good under different lighting conditions. Sometimes color swatches are not sufficient for a client to visualize the color, so what a professional would do is paint a sample piece and ask the client to view it during different times of the day, outdoors.
  3. Mind the ratios. If the client has chosen a custom color mix, then the ratios need to be carefully noted to ensure consistency. Some people claim to be able to “eyeball” their color ratios but even the smallest variation can be noticeable on large projects like house painting.
  4. Use high quality tools and products. One of the biggest advantages of working with professional painters is they invest in equipment like precision painting systems, and only use high-quality paints for every project. This helps ensure consistency and durability across projects.
  5. Keep an eye out for the weather. Weather can affect the results of a painting job, and not just because a sudden rainfall can ruin an otherwise perfect paint job. Humidity levels, in particular, can affect how paint cures. If the air is too dry, frosting or white spots can form on the surface. If the air is too humid, some of the components of paint may leach out, resulting in brown spots and wrinkling.
  6. Always wear safety gear. Safety is always a priority in every job. In addition to wearing proper safety harnesses for upper-story exterior paint jobs, professional painters wear paint respirators to prevent damage to the lungs.

See these rules in action when you work with one of our house painters at Handyman Connection of Mason. Give us a call at (513) 733-3777, or fill out our contact form to schedule a free estimate.

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