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Drywall  /  December 4, 2023

A Primer on Drywall Finish Levels

Drywall finishes are a crucial aspect of any construction or renovation project, affecting both the appearance and performance of your walls. Understanding the different levels of drywall finishes, from zero to five, can help you choose the right option for your specific needs and achieve the desired aesthetic for your space.

More About Drywall Finish Levels

Drywall finish levels refer to the degree of completion applied to the drywall surface before it’s painted or decorated. These levels range from zero, which requires the least amount of finish, to five, which involves the most detailed finishing process. The level chosen depends on the final appearance desired and the intended use of the room.

Level Zero: Bare Drywall

Level Zero represents unfinished drywall with no taping, finishing or corner beads. This level is typically used in temporary construction or when the final decoration is undetermined. It’s the most basic level and requires the least amount of work.

Level One: Tape Only

This involves taping the joints between drywall sheets but doesn’t include covering the tape with joint compound. This level of finish is typically used in areas hidden from view, such as attics, garages or spaces where appearance isn’t a concern.

Level Two: Skim Coat

A level two finish involves applying a thin coat of joint compound to the tape and screw holes. This is often used in areas where wall covering, tile or a thick texture will completely cover the drywall. It provides a surface that adheres well to these coverings but isn’t suitable for painting or decorating directly.

Level Three and Four: More Skim Coats

Level three and four finishes involve more layers of joint compound over the tape, screw holes and corner beads, providing a smoother finish. These levels are typically used in areas where medium- to heavy-textured wall or ceiling finishes will be applied or where non-critical lighting conditions exist.

Level Five: The Highest Quality Finish

Level five is the highest quality drywall finish, involving a final skim coat of joint compound over the entire surface. This level provides the smoothest possible finish, ideal for areas with critical lighting conditions or where the walls will be painted with gloss or semi-gloss paint. It does require the most work and attention to detail, but produces a superior final appearance.

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