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Remodeling  /  August 7, 2023

Tips for Kid-to-Tween Closet Transition

The closet space requirements of your child will dramatically change as they grow into a tween. In this post, Handyman Connection of Mason shares a guide to organizing your child’s closet transition, including ways to ensure a smooth transition and preserve their unique tastes.

Understanding the Kid-to-Tween Closet Transition

As a child grows into a tween, their closet must adapt to the shift in their personality, styling preferences and space requirements. The right closet solution must accommodate clothing pieces and other items they need, such as sports equipment, hobby materials, school accessories, costumes for special occasions, and other things that your tween may find interesting.

Closet Solutions for the Transition

Transitioning a child’s closet as they grow up requires flexibility and adaptability. You need practical solutions that ensure their closet remains organized and functional while adapting to their changing needs and preferences. Here are a few fundamental features you may want to include for your child’s closet transition.

  • Adjustable Shelving. This allows the heights of shelves to be modified as your child grows. It ensures they can always reach their favorite clothes and accessories while promoting organization and self-reliance.
  • Multi-Level Hanging Rods. Hang clothes at varying heights to make it easier to manage a growing wardrobe that may include school uniforms, casual wear, sports kits and fancy outfits.
  • Built-in Drawers. These are ideal for storing small items like socks, hats or sentimental keepsakes. They also provide extra organization options.
  • Storage Bins. These are great for holding sports equipment, craft supplies or other items that may otherwise clutter the shelves or the closet floor. They add flexibility and keep the closet neat.
  • Closet Organizers. These come in various shapes and sizes, allowing for further customization and personalization of your child’s closet.

Professional Closet Renovation

You can ensure a tailored closet that grows with your child by entrusting the job to the experts. With Handyman Connection of Mason, you’ll get a closet that looks good and grows with your child. Call us at (513) 733-3777 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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