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Bathroom Remodeling  /  November 9, 2022

Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger With These Tips

Don’t let your small bathroom space bring you down when remodeling. There are many ways to make it look bigger, and they all make use of the available space! We’ve listed some of the best ones here to consider adding to your remodeling plans.

Add More Mirrors

Standard bathroom designs have at least one mirror hanging above the vanity. If you want to create the illusion of space, consider hanging multiple mirrors. This is to help reflect natural and artificial lighting effectively, making the entire bathroom look larger despite its limited square footage. Shiny countertops, backsplashes and high-gloss fixtures can be incorporated to achieve the effect.

Make the Space Look Taller

You can also make your bathroom look visually taller, which helps make the room appear larger. Dark and heavy crown molding can make the room feel smaller, so consider replacing it with narrower crown molding painted to match the ceiling. You might also want to change your current ceiling fixture into recessed lighting to add more emphasis to the ceiling space. It can make the room feel smaller if it hangs too low. Also, consider installing wall sconces that direct light upward. This helps blur the line between the wall and the ceiling, making your bathroom look even larger. 

Redesign Your Storage

Small bathrooms often suffer from limited storage and counter space. Consider keeping only the essentials in the space, while the extras like cleaning supplies, spare towels, tissue boxes, and toilet paper can be moved to a nearby closet. And instead of going for standard-sized countertops and cabinets, you can have them custom-fitted for the space. 

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