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Home Improvement  /  September 20, 2022

Why Is Your Toilet Tank Filling Up Slowly?

A toilet tank that’s taking too long to fill after a flush is a common problem many homeowners face. Fortunately, they’re often relatively simple to fix. But to ensure the solution works effectively, you need to identify the cause. 

The Usual Causes

On average, a toilet tank fills up in under a minute. But if yours is taking much longer, it may be due to several possible issues, such as: 

  • A waterlogged float ball. This is found in your toilet tank and sits on top of the water. It’s meant to control the amount of water being filled up inside the toilet tank, closing the valve once it reaches the top. It’s probably waterlogged if you find the tank partially full or the ball isn’t floating near the top. If left unaddressed, it may slow down the water flow and won’t fill up the tank efficiently.
  • Clogging and leaking issues. You might have a clogged drain at the bottom of the toilet tank that impedes the water flow. A clogged pipe can also block the water from flowing into the tank and causing it to fill up slowly. You might even find leaks under or around the tank that can affect its water flow. 
  • Water supply valve issues. Below your toilet tank, you should find the water supply valve, which is a knob protruding from the wall. This controls the water flow into the tank, and if it’s leaking in some way, it might cause the tank to fill up more slowly than it should. 

Addressing the Problem of a Slow-Filling Toilet Tank

If the float ball is the main cause of your slow-filling tank, pulling the old one off the float arm and replacing it with a new one might help solve the problem. As for the clogged drain, try plunging it with some vinegar and baking soda, and then let it sit for about 10 minutes. Afterward, pour another half-cup of baking soda down the drain and then six cups of boiling water. 

However, if you find leaks under or around the tank or the solution to eliminating drain clogs didn’t work, you need the assistance of an experienced plumber from Handyman Connection® of Mason. All of our plumbing work is performed by professionals who walk you through the process every step of the way for a simple and seamless experience. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

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