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Home Improvement  /  June 8, 2022

The Pros and Cons of Installing a Storm Door

The front door, in itself, can add so much to a home’s curb appeal that it’s understandable when homeowners have second thoughts about adding a storm door to it. If you’re on the fence about getting a storm door, today, we discuss its pros and cons.

The Pros of Getting a Storm Door

The main purpose of a storm door is to protect the front door from rain, ice and snow, but the benefits do not end there.

  • More natural light: A solid front door can block all the natural light when shut. A storm door has large glass panels that will let you leave the front door open, letting lots of natural light into your home while keeping the front entry secure and relatively airtight.
  • Energy efficiency: One of the downsides of keeping your front door open is it could cause heat gain during the summer season or heat loss during winter. A storm door with insulated glass can help prevent it and let you enjoy natural lighting and ventilation without worrying about your energy bills.
  • Enhanced curb appeal: The right storm door can complement the front door and make your front entry more inviting instead of hiding it. Thanks to a wide selection of design options across manufacturers, you can order a beautiful new storm door and have a local handyman install it for you.

The Cons of Getting a Storm Door

Before you commit to getting a storm door, there are a couple of factors that you should put into consideration.

  • Having two doors can be inconvenient: A storm door may be a slight inconvenience in situations where you don’t have both hands free, such as when you’re bringing in groceries or large boxes. Fortunately, many types of storm doors are equipped with mechanisms that hold them open when needed.
  • Heat can build up: A storm door may trap heat between it and the front door, which may cause damage to the latter. If your porch receives several hours of direct sunlight during the day, consider getting storm doors with coated glass that can block solar heat from passing through it. They cost more than standard storm doors, but may be well worth the investment if they can prevent damage to your front door.

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