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Home Improvement  /  June 23, 2022

5 Tips on Preventing Hair From Clogging Your Shower Drains

Hair is the most common cause of clogged bathroom drains. Everyone sheds some strands as they bathe, which can slip down the drain and accumulate over time. Here are some tips on how to prevent hair from clogging your drains.

1. Remove hair from the drain covers after bathing. A good habit to get into is checking the drain cover after bathing and making sure it doesn’t have hair, even if it’s just a few strands. Taking a few seconds after bathing to check can go a long way in stopping hair buildup in the drain. If you have kids at home, make it a point to check and clean the shower drain covers at the end of the day.

2. Wear a shower cap. If you’re planning on taking a shower or bath without washing your hair, a shower cap can help keep stray strands from falling into the drains. You can tie your hair to a ponytail or pull it back into a bun if you don’t have a shower cap.

3. Brush your hair before bathing. People with long hair, in addition to those with hair loss problems, are more likely to lose hair while bathing. Brushing before bathing can help reduce the hairs that would otherwise get sloughed off while in the shower. 

4. Install a catcher. If your drains do not already have a catcher, you can buy one and have it installed by a local plumber. Newer types of catchers have clog-preventing features that catch hair and other debris more efficiently while allowing easy cleaning.

5. Have your drains cleaned professionally. Preventative drain cleaning can help prevent clogging and maintain efficiency. It can also help prevent other problems like bad odors, slow drainage and frozen pipes during winter. Drain cleaning is ideally done every year, and certified plumbers have the tools and equipment to make sure your drains are cleaned thoroughly.

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